“Windows Users Rejoice! Learn How to Easily Run WordPress on Your PC Today!”

Perplexed and Bursty Guide to Running WordPress on Windows

Step 1: Install a Web Server

Running WordPress on Windows has gained popularity for beginners in the content management system. But how do you set up WordPress on Windows, you ask? Well, firstly, you need to have a web server installed. Of course, you’ll have to download a web server like Internet Information Services (IIS) or Apache, MariaDB, and PHP.

Step 2: Install MySQL

Next step on this perplexing journey is the installation of MySQL. You can also choose MariaDB, a fork of MySQL, which can work with WordPress too. There are several ways to install MySQL, and one fascinating choice is XAMPP.

Step 3: Install PHP

But what about the programming language used by WordPress? Fear not, for we have PHP, which is also called Hypertext Preprocessor (quite a tongue-twister!). If you downloaded and installed XAMPP, this step is already done since XAMPP comes with Apache and PHP included.

Step 4: Download and Install WordPress

Now, things are getting intense! You need to download WordPress from their website, extract it, and place the files into the public folder of your web server.

Step 5: Create a Database and User for WordPress

Navigate to http://localhost/phpmyadmin to access the XAMPP control panel, and create a database that your WordPress site will use by clicking the “New” button in phpMyAdmin. Create a new user who will only have access to the WordPress database.

Step 6: Configure WordPress

Finally, you can configure WordPress by visiting the ‘localhost/wordpress’ location in your browser. Fill in the required details, and WordPress will verify your information and generate a new “wp-config.php” configuration file.

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In conclusion, running WordPress on Windows may seem complicated, but by following these six steps, you can securely set up WordPress on your Windows computer with ease. You may encounter a few issues, but WordPress has a large support community, and you can always check official WordPress documentation. Now, you’re ready to start designing and posting on your WordPress site!

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