“Revamp Your Website’s Hype Factor: An Easy Guide to Activating the ‘Coming Soon’ Feature on WordPress!”

Are You Ready to Launch Your Website on WordPress?

Launching a new website or redesigning an existing one is a big task. To create a buzz and build anticipation before the actual launch date, one way is to create a “Coming Soon” page on your WordPress site.

Step One: Install “Coming Soon” Plugin

To create a coming soon page on WordPress, you need to install a “Coming Soon” plugin. We recommend using the SeedProd plugin for this tutorial.

Step Two: Configure SeedProd Plugin Settings

After installing and activating the SeedProd plugin, you can customize every aspect of your coming soon page.

Step Three: Turn on Coming Soon Page

Once you’ve customized the settings and design of your coming soon page, you’re ready to activate it.

Step Four: Customize Your Settings

There are a few other settings that you should customize for your coming soon page to work effectively.

Step Five: Preview Your Page

Preview your page to ensure it is polished and reflects your brand before the official launch.


A coming soon page is a powerful tool to build buzz and anticipation around your site before it goes live. This guide has provided detailed steps on how to turn on coming soon WordPress using the SeedProd plugin and how to configure it to work for your brand or business. Use this guide to impress your visitors and create a burst of excitement around your site!

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