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Perplexed about Reverting to an Old Theme on WordPress?

WordPress is a powerful content management system that helps website owners customize their website’s design and functionality. To achieve this, selecting the right theme for your website is an essential task. However, at times you might need to go back to an old theme for various reasons, including aesthetic appeal, compatibility issues, or functionality requirements. But how do you revert back to an old theme on WordPress? In this article, we will guide you through the necessary steps you need to take.

Why Would You Want to Revert back to an Old Theme on WordPress?

Before we dive into the steps of reverting an old WordPress theme, let’s explore the reasons why you might need to do so. Here are a few scenarios:

  1. Compatibility Issues

    At times, a new theme may clash with other plugins or custom codes, creating compatibility issues in your website. In that case, reverting back to an old theme might troubleshoot the problem.

  2. Aesthetic Appeal

    The look and feel of your website can drastically affect the user experience. If the current theme does not suit your taste, you might revert back to an old theme that meets your aesthetic preferences better.

  3. Functionality Requirements

    Your current theme might not have functionalities that your website needs or might not be compatible with your requirements. In such a scenario, a reverted old theme with the desired functionality can improve the user experience.

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Steps to Revert Back to an Old Theme on WordPress

Reverting to an old theme on WordPress is a simple process. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard

    To revert back to an old theme, you need to log in to your WordPress dashboard. Enter your website URL followed by /wp-admin and use your login credentials to access the dashboard.

  2. Select the Appearance Tab

    In the WordPress dashboard, click on the “Appearance” tab situated on the left-hand side of the page. This will show you a drop-down menu with different options like “Themes,” “Widgets,” and “Menus.”

  3. Choose the Themes Option

    From the Appearance tab’s drop-down menu, select the “Themes” option. Once you click on it, you will see a page with all available themes.

  4. Select the Old Theme

    Look for the old theme you want to activate from the Themes page and click on the “Activate” button, which will take you to the theme activation page. Click the “Activate” button again to activate the old theme.

  5. Customize the Old Theme (Optional)

    After activating the old theme, you can customize it to your preference. Use the “Customize” option on the website’s frontend or select the “Customize” option from the Appearance tab to make changes.

Tips to Enhance User Experience with the Reverted Old Theme

Reverting to an old WordPress theme is not only about activating it but also ensuring a seamless user experience. Here are some tips to enhance your user experience:

  1. Test the Theme

    After activating the old theme, ensure that it works correctly. Check the website’s functionality, design, compatibility, and layout to ensure it meets your requirements and/or rectifies any issues encountered with the current theme.

  2. Consider Using Child Themes

    If you modify a theme’s design after activating it, using a child theme is highly advisable. A child theme is a modification of an existing theme that retains the parent theme’s functionality while allowing users to make changes without affecting the central code. This can save you time and provide flexibility while customizing a theme.

  3. Keep the Website Responsive

    Ensure that the website is responsive to different screen sizes and resolutions. This will make your website user-friendly and easily accessible on different devices, including mobile phones.

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Reverting to an old WordPress theme is a simple task that website owners should be familiar with. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can make this process quick and easy. It allows you to experiment with multiple themes while ensuring a seamless user experience. Remember to consider compatibility, aesthetics, and functionality before choosing a theme to enhance your website’s user experience. Keep these essential aspects in mind when reverting back to an old theme on WordPress.

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