“Ultimate Guide to Creating Hype: Buckle-up and Learn How to Put Your WordPress Site Under Construction Like a Pro!”

Are You Thinking about Launching a New WordPress Site?

If you are considering launching a new WordPress website or redesigning your current one, you may want to keep your website under construction. By doing so, you can avoid revealing your website publicly before its completion. This process will allow you to work on your website, make necessary updates and test its functionality before revealing it to the world.

Here are the Steps to Put Your Website Under Construction :

1. Install a Coming Soon Plugin

The initial step in putting your WordPress website under construction is to install a “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction” plugin. These plugins display a landing page when someone attempts to access your website. This landing page notifies visitors that the site is under construction and informs them when the site will be available. SeedProd Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode is a prominent plugin for this purpose.

2. Configure Your Plugin Settings

Once the plugin is installed, the subsequent step is to configure its settings. Customize your coming soon page by adding text, changing colors, adding images, and specify the date and time when you want your website to be launched. Make sure to save your settings.

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3. Disable Your Current Theme

You’ll need to disable your current theme while you work on the website to prevent users from accessing it. Use the SeedProd plugin to remove the need for any custom coding. Choose the default WordPress theme or any other familiar theme.

4. Customize Your Coming Soon Page

To create an effective coming soon page, visitors should understand why the website is under construction and what to expect when the site is open. SeedProd plugin allows you to customize your landing page, from adding your company logo to designing a unique banner. Create a custom navigation bar to ensure your visitors don’t get lost on your website once it’s live.

5. Add Your Social Media

Connect your social media channels to your coming soon page, so visitors can keep up with the site and receive updates while waiting for the site to go live.

6. Add Subscription Forms

Adding subscription forms captures leads long before your website goes live. Ensure that the forms in the SeedProd Plugin support integrations with email marketing platforms and CRM systems.

7. Add Google Analytics

Most plugins allow you to add Google Analytics Code to their settings and track the visitors while your site is under construction. Setup your account if you haven’t already and set up the necessary tracking codes to get accurate data.

8. Enable Access to Your Website

Once your website is ready to launch, disable the SeedProd plugin and allow visitors access to your site. Disable the Coming Soon Page and enable all other features that were inactive during the construction process.

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In conclusion, keeping your WordPress site under construction proves to be a smart move to ensure the website is perfect before revealing it to the public. By using plugins like SeedProd and following these steps, you can create a successful launch for your website.

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