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Comparing Files in Visual Studio

Working with Visual Studio can be a perplexing experience. You might find yourself in need of comparing two files due to various reasons. Perhaps, you want to view changes made in a file since the last time it was saved. Or, you might be working on a project with a colleague and need to compare codes. Whatever the situation is, Visual Studio makes it easy to compare files side-by-side. Below are the steps to compare two files in Visual Studio:

Step 1: Open Visual Studio

The first step in comparing two files in Visual Studio is to open the program. If you don’t have it installed already, you can download it from Microsoft’s website.

Step 2: Open the Files You Want to Compare

After opening Visual Studio, open the files you want to compare. You can use the “File” menu or the “Ctrl + O” keyboard shortcut to do this.

Step 3: Select “Compare”

With both files open, go to the “File” menu and select “Compare”. This will open a new window to compare the two files side-by-side.

Step 4: Choose Which File to Compare With

Visual Studio will ask you which file you want to compare with after selecting “Compare”. You can choose a file from your recent file list or browse for the file you want to compare with.

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Step 5: View the Differences

After choosing the file to compare with, Visual Studio will open both files side-by-side. Any differences between the files will be highlighted, making it easier to see what has changed. You can also use the navigation buttons in the toolbar to go to the next or previous difference.

Step 6: Save Your Changes (Optional)

If you feel the need to modify or make changes to the files after comparing them, you can save your changes by clicking on “File” and selecting “Save”. Alternatively, you can use the “Ctrl + S” keyboard shortcut.


As demonstrated, comparing two files in Visual Studio can be a bursty experience. By following these steps, you can quickly compare any two files and see their differences. Whether you’re collaborating with a colleague or just need to see what has changed in a file, Visual Studio makes it easy to compare files side-by-side.

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