“Visual Studio 2019 Users Rejoice: Here’s the Easy Hack for Adding Solution Explorer to Your Workspace!”

Unveiling the Magic of Adding Solution Explorer to Visual Studio 2019

Are you a developer looking for an efficient way to manage your projects? Look no further than Visual Studio 2019! With its wide range of features, it is an indispensable tool for developers. One such feature is the Solution Explorer, which presents a hierarchical view of the files and folders in a project. In this article, we’ll delve into the quintessential steps necessary to add Solution Explorer to Visual Studio 2019.

Step One: Open Your Visual Studio 2019 App

The first step to unlocking the brilliance of Solution Explorer is opening your Visual Studio 2019 application. Depending on your computer settings, you can do this in two ways. Either you click on the app’s icon on your desktop, or you search for it in the Start menu.

Step Two: Create Your Project

Before you start down the path of adding Solution Explorer to Visual Studio 2019, you must have an existing project. In case you don’t, click on “New Project” on the “Start” menu’s main tab. This will take you to the “New Project” dialogue where you can specify your project type and storage location.

Step Three: Open Solution Explorer

You can now open Solution Explorer after creating your project. Navigate to “View” on the main menu and select “Solution Explorer.” This triggers a popup panel on the right side of your Visual Studio window.

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Step Four: Customize the Solution Explorer

The Solution Explorer presents all files and folders contained within your project by default. The good news is that you can modify the display by commencing Popup with a right-click on the Solution Explorer panel, then clicking on “Properties.” This will lead to a new boot-up window labelled “Properties” where you can fine-tune the display and view options.

Step Five: Go Ahead and Use the Solution Explorer

Now that you have added Solution Explorer to Visual Studio 2019 and customized it to your tastes, it’s time to use it. Use the hierarchical displays to navigate to your specific files and folders. Alternatively, you can search for items using the search bar located atop the panel, making what you require easy to find quickly.


Adding Solution Explorer to Visual Studio 2019 is a quick and straightforward process that confers developers an effective tool for project management and navigation. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can add Solution Explorer to your Visual Studio 2019 workspace, enjoy its features and unpack the magic lurking within your code.

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