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If You’re a WordPress User, You Might be Wondering About Page IDs

Have you ever noticed the unique page ID assigned to each page and post on your WordPress site? This number is automatically generated by WordPress when you create a new page or post and is used by developers and advanced users for customizing site functionality. But, what if you’re a beginner or simply don’t need the data? In this article, we’ll explore several methods for removing page IDs from WordPress sites.

Why Remove Page IDs?

While page IDs are useful for developers and advanced users, they can be unnecessary and even distracting for most users. Security concerns also come into play here, as some hackers may use page IDs as a starting point for their attacks. Additionally, removing page IDs can be necessary for branding purposes and can promote greater accessibility and user-friendliness.

Methods for Removing Page IDs from WordPress

There are several ways to remove page IDs from WordPress, ranging from simple plugins to advanced coding techniques.

Method 1: Use a Plugin

The easiest and most beginner-friendly method to remove page IDs is by using a plugin. You can find several free and premium plugins available on the official WordPress repository that allow you to remove page IDs from your pages and posts automatically without coding.

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Method 2: Add Code to Functions.php

If you prefer a hands-on approach or do not want to install a plugin, you can remove page IDs using code. This method requires adding a few lines of PHP code to your site’s functions.php file or a custom code snippet plugin.

Method 3: Use a Custom Permalink Structure

Another way to remove page IDs from your WordPress pages is by using a custom permalink structure. Permalinks are the URLs that WordPress generates for each post or page and determine how the content is displayed and accessed. You can change the structure to remove the ID part and show only the page title.

Method 4: Customize Your Theme’s Templates

You can remove page IDs by customizing your theme’s templates, but this method requires coding skills and may affect your site’s functionality and compatibility with plugins and future updates.

Method 5: Use a Plugin and Custom CSS

If you want a flexible and customizable solution, you can use a combination of a plugin and custom CSS. This method involves styling your site’s pages and posts to hide the page ID using CSS.

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