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Unraveling the Intricacies of Creating Superscripts in WordPress

WordPress, a ubiquitous content management system, is the backbone of numerous websites on the internet. The user-friendly interface and sleek design make it a go-to option for bloggers, content creators, and even businesses.

The Standout Feature: Formatting Text

A striking feature that sets WordPress apart is its formatting feature. You can underline, italicize, bold and highlight your text with ease. However, when it comes to academic and scientific writing, the superscript is a widely used formatting option.

What is Superscripting?

A superscript is a small character or number that is elevated above the baseline of the text. It’s commonly used in chemical formulas, mathematical equations, and footnotes to enhance visual representation.

Making a Superscript in WordPress – A Comprehensive Guide

Step 1: Install a Plugin (Optional)

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of creating a superscript in WordPress, it’s essential to note that you can simplify the process by using plugins. A widely used plugin is TinyMCE Advanced.

To install TinyMCE Advanced, navigate to the ‘Plugins’ section on your WordPress dashboard, and search for ‘TinyMCE Advanced.’ Once you locate it, press ‘Install Now.’ Afterward, click ‘Activate’ to enable the plugin.

Step 2: Use the Superscript Button

By installing and activating TinyMCE Advanced, creating a superscript in WordPress is now seamless. When you click on the editor screen, you’ll find the TinyMCE Advanced toolbar on top of the screen, which has various formatting options, including superscripting. To create a superscript, highlight the text you wish to elevate and click the superscript button in the toolbar.

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Step 3: Utilize HTML Code

If you’re proficient in HTML, you can create superscripts using HTML tags. One way entails using ‘sup’ tags. Type the text you want to superscript and wrap it within ‘sup’ tags. For instance, to display the chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide, type H2O2 and wrap the ‘2’ in ‘sup’ tags as so: H2O2. This will show the text H2O2, with ‘2’ elevated above the other characters.

Another way of creating a superscript with HTML tags involves using the ‘^’ symbol. All you have to do is type the ‘^’ symbol and then the text you want to elevate. For example, if you want to display the velocity equation, type ‘v^2.’ This will present the text as v2 with 2 elevated above the rest of the text.

Step 4: Use Keyboard Shortcuts

If you regularly require superscripts, use the keyboard shortcuts to simplify the process. There are two keyboard shortcuts:

The first keyboard shortcut is ‘Ctrl + Shift + +’ (Windows), ‘Cmd + Shift + +’ (Mac). By pressing this sequence, raise the selected text to superscript.

The second keyboard shortcut is ‘Ctrl + .’ (Windows), ‘Cmd + .’ (Mac). This sequence enables you to switch between the available formatting options, including superscript.


Incorporating superscripts in WordPress is a useful ability for anyone who writes scientific or academic content. Using the various methods available, such as plugins, HTML tags, or keyboard shortcuts, you can create professional-looking superscripts speedily and easily. Following these suggestions, you’ll be able to enhance your WordPress content with eye-catching superscripts regardless of your technical proficiency.

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