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Uncovering the Art of Adding Links to Images on WordPress

As the digital world revolves around content, WordPress has emerged as an ultimate platform for creating and publishing content. Leveraging multiple key features, WordPress has become the go-to choice for website owners. One such feature is the option to add links to images, which not only enhances the visual appeal of your website but also helps in driving traffic to your other web pages.

Choosing the Image to Add a Link To

The foremost step of adding a link to an image on WordPress is to select the specific image. You can either upload an image directly from your device or choose from the existing media library on WordPress. Once done, click on the chosen image that opens a pop-up window with various options. Hit the ‘Edit’ button to proceed with adding a link.

Adding the Link URL

The next step is to enter the URL of a webpage or website where the link clicks redirect the user. Navigate to the ‘Attachment Details’ pop-up window and select the ‘Link to’ option. Enter the complete web address of the target page, alongside the option to ‘Open link in a new tab’ checkbox, making it convenient for the user to navigate back to your website.

Other Link Settings to Customize

Besides the essential URL entry, WordPress offers additional settings to customize the linked image. Firstly, the ‘Title’ feature adds brief data on the target webpage or website that appears when the user hovers over the linked image. Secondly, you can choose to align the image to the left, center, or right of the content. Lastly, customize the size of the linked image as per your website design to better fit your aesthetics.

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Save and Publish Your Changes

After entering all the necessary details in the settings, click on the ‘Add to Gallery’ button to mirror the changes. To save and publish the altered images on your WordPress site, click on the ‘Update’ button located on the right-hand side of your screen. Your new linked image is now added, and you can preview it by scrolling through your published content.


Adding a link to an image on WordPress seems like an art in itself, with customization options galore. Follow the simple steps mentioned above, and make your website more user-friendly by linking images to other webpages. Display your creative prowess by customizing linked images that cater to your website’s specific requirements. By adding linked visuals to your website, you can improve your user’s online experience and engagement.

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