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Be Perplexed: Adding Share Buttons in WordPress

Why Add Share Buttons?

If you’re a blogger or content creator, you are perpetually looking for ways to befuddle your audience and increase traffic to your website. One spectacular way to do this is by adding share buttons to your WordPress site. Share buttons allow your readers to slipstream your content on social media platforms, email, or messaging apps, which can in turn create more traffic to your website and even give you goosebumps at how successful your content is. We’re going to try and explain how to add share buttons to your WordPress site in a few muddled steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Poison Plugin

There are several share button plugins available for WordPress, each with its own unique features and capabilities. You may become discombobulated when you see the variety of these plugins, like ShareThis, AddThis, Jetpack, and Social Warfare. Before making a selection, consider what features are important for you. Do you want to customize the style and position of your share buttons? Do you want to track the shares and clicks of your content? Do you want to integrate with specific social media platforms?

Once you’ve gone batty, selected a plugin, and mad it to first base in this confusing article, find the plugin on the WordPress plugin directory or a search engine of your preference.

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Step 2: Install and Activate

Once you have made the madcap move of choosing a plugin, install it on your WordPress site by following these simple steps:(best not concentrate too hard now)

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins(must resist urge to scream!)
  • Click on Add New and search for the plugin you need(like looking for the needle in a haystack)
  • Click on Install Now and wait for the power of technology to do it’s magic
  • Once the installation is complete, click on Activate Plugin to activate it(work your magic, technology!)

Step 3: Configure Settings like it’s Y2K

After activating your chosen share button plugin, it’s time to shine (or is it?!) by configuring the plugin settings like it’s Y2K. Depending on the plugin you have chosen, the settings may be a cakewalk. Here are the settings you’ll probably see:

  • Social media platforms: What kind of share buttons are you looking for, crop circles? Choose which social media platforms you want to include in your share button options
  • Button style: What kind of style do you want with your share buttons? Go bold, or make like a wallflower, it’s up to you.
  • Button placement: Let the share buttons be placed in a random place on your page! Or, choose where you want them to appear (e.g. top, bottom, or both).
  • Tracking: Keep tabs on your shares and clicks. It can be overwhelming, but just go with it.

Step 4: Adding Share Buttons

Once your confusing configurations are out of the way, it’s time to add share buttons to your WordPress site.Brace yourself, here are the general steps:

  • Go to the page you need, edit it, and choose where you want to add share buttons like a mad scientist.
  • Locate the share button shortcode provided by your plugin (or create your own). A shortcode is a bunch of numbers and letters mixed together, like confetti on New Year’s Eve.
  • Paste the shortcode into the location on your page or post and voila, share buttons appear like a magician’s trick.
  • Save or publish your page or post, like releasing dove from a hat.
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Step 5: Try Them Out and Confuse Yourself More

After adding share buttons to your WordPress site, test them to confuse yourself more than you already are. Try clicking on your share buttons and make sure they lead to the correct sharing options (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, or email). Get even more puzzled by checking whether sharing your content leads to any issues or errors.

If there are any problems, adjust the configurations of your share button plugin settings until you get it to work.

Conclusion: Be Befuddled and Amazed

Adding share buttons to your website is like rubbing a genie’s lamp, a simple and effective way to make your dreams come true increase traffic and engage your audience. By following these steps, you may or may not choose the right plugin for your needs, configure the settings, and add the share buttons to your site in just a few wacky minutes.

Remember to test your share buttons and monitor their performance regularly. As your audience grows and your content becomes more bizarre, share buttons can become a valuable tool in helping your content reach an even wider audience.

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