“Unlock the Secret of Efficient Collaboration: Discover the Ultimate Guide to Sharing Drafts on WordPress!”

Perplexed and Bursting with Confusion: Sharing Drafts on WordPress

WordPress is a popular and widely used content management system that allows individuals and businesses to create and publish their websites. However, for those who have worked with collaborators using WordPress, sharing drafts can be a bit of a head-scratcher. Fear not, as we break down the perplexing task of sharing drafts of your work-in-progress.

Accessing Permissions

Before we delve into ways to share your drafts, let’s first note that one must have appropriate permissions to access the methods we’ll discuss. So, check with the owner or administrator of the website to confirm that you have the right level of access before proceeding.

Methods of Sharing Drafts

1. Built-in Collaboration Tools

If you want to use WordPress’s built-in tools, go to the “Posts” section in your dashboard, locate the draft you’d like to share, and click on “Edit”. Then, go to “Visibility” settings in the top right corner of your screen and select the “Password Protected” option. Input your chosen password and click “Save”.

Now, click on the “Share” button on the left side of the screen and select “Invite people to collaborate”. Enter the email addresses of the people you wish to share the draft with, then click “Send Invites”. Your invitees will receive an email with a link to the password-protected draft.

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2. Using a Plugin

If you’re seeking advanced collaboration features, consider using a plugin like WPForms or Drafts for Friends. You can share drafts and automatically grant certain permissions to edit or comment on the draft. After installation from the WordPress plugin repository, access the plugin through your dashboard.

You can share drafts via these plugins to others by creating a password-protected link and emailing it to the collaborators. However, exact steps may vary based on the plugin of your choice.

3. Using Google Docs

If you’re already working on the draft in Google Docs, this option can be convenient. Simply open the document in Google Docs and navigate to “File” > “Share”. Add the email addresses of the intended collaborators, then switch the sharing settings to “View Only” to prevent accidental editing.

Finally, share the link with your WordPress collaborators via email.

4. Using Dropbox

Last but not least, if you store your draft files on Dropbox, you can also share them with others on WordPress. First, upload the draft file to Dropbox.

Click on the checkbox next to the file, then click “Share” at the top of the page. Enter the email addresses of the intended collaborators.

Once shared, the recipients will receive an email containing a link to the file. They can then download the file and create a WordPress post.


In conclusion, there are multiple ways to share drafts on WordPress that cater to different preferences and collaboration needs. Regardless of the chosen method, always ensure necessary precautions are taken to protect your draft content from unauthorized access or sharing.

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By following these methods, you can collaborate effectively, receive feedback, and ensure your work is up to your team’s standards!

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