“Unlock the Power of Visual Studio 2019: Learn How to Access Server Explorer and Boost Your Productivity!”

Exploring Servers in Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019 is a versatile tool for developers that offers a range of features and tools that are essential for their work. One such valuable feature is the Server Explorer, which is a centralized location that enables developers to manage and interact with databases, servers, and services that a given app uses. In this pillar article, we will delve into the steps to follow when opening the Server Explorer in Visual Studio 2019.

Step 1: Launch Visual Studio 2019

Before getting started, it’s important to make sure that Visual Studio 2019 is already installed on your machine. If not, you can easily download the latest version from the official Microsoft website. Once the installation is complete, launch Visual Studio 2019.

Step 2: Open Server Explorer

To open Server Explorer, locate the menu bar at the top of the Visual Studio 2019 window. From there, select “View” and then click “Server Explorer” from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+S” to launch Server Explorer directly.

Step 3: Connect to a server

Once Server Explorer is up and running, you can proceed and connect to a server. Right-click the “Data Connections” node and select “Add Connection.” This moves you to the “Connect to Database” dialog box, where you can input server details that you wish to connect with.

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You will be required to enter the server name, authentication details, and the database you intend to work on. When you have given all the necessary details, you can test the connection to confirm whether everything is working smoothly.

Step 4: Use Server Explorer

With Server Explorer running and connected to a server, you can now interact with the database by exploring its node in the Server Explorer window. Here, you can perform various actions such as creating new tables, modifying existing ones, and running queries on the database.

Moreover, Server Explorer users can access and manage other resources like Azure services, file systems, and other data sources.


In conclusion, Server Explorer is an essential feature in Visual Studio 2019 that offers developers a centralized location to manage and interact with server connections and resources. With this guide, you can easily open Server Explorer and connect to a server, thus ensuring a smooth development process with Visual Studio 2019.

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