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Social Media: The New Essential Part of Our Lives

It seems that in our modern world, social media has become more important than ever. It’s rare not to find a business or organization that isn’t taking advantage of social media accounts to connect with customers or increase exposure. Small icons, characteristic of different social media platforms, are now a must-have and often displayed on blogs or websites. WordPress, undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms for building websites and blogs, offers various methods to add social media icons.

Benefits of Adding Social Media Icons to WordPress Websites

It’s impressive just how much social media can add to your online presence. Here are some of the advantages you should consider:

1. Enhanced Brand Value

By having social media icons on your website, you can create a stronger online presence, increase your reputation and brand value.

2. Improved User Engagement

Social media icons can improve visitor engagement, allowing them to follow your updates, share your content or connect with you on different platforms. This can help you build a loyal following.

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3. Increased Traffic to Your Social Media Accounts

Adding social media icons to your website can drive more traffic to your social media accounts. Visitors may click on the icons and visit your social media profiles, resulting in more followers and increased visibility on social media platforms.

Methods to Add Social Media Icons to Your WordPress Website

Regardless of whether you use a free or premium WordPress theme, there are various methods to add social media icons. Here are three of the most popular.

Method 1: Use a Plugin

One of the most comfortable and practical ways to add social media icons is by using a plugin. While numerous social media plugins are available, this article will showcase how to add icons using Simple Social Icons.

Step 1: Install the Simple Social Icons Plugin. To do this, navigate to the WordPress dashboard, choose Plugins, then Add New. Search “Simple Social Icons” and click install. Once downloaded, activate the plugin.

Step 2: Configure the Plugin Settings. Once the plugin is activated, go to Settings, then Simple Social Icons in the WordPress Dashboard. Here, you can customize the size, color, alignment, and icon style of your social media icons.

Step 3: Add Social Media Profiles. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you can add your social media profiles. You can enter your corresponding URL link for all of your accounts. This plugin supports the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and more.

Step 4: Add Social Media Icons to Your Website. With the plugin configured correctly, you can now add icons directly to your website. Create a new post or page then add the “Simple Social Icons” block. Customize the settings and publish.

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Method 2: Use a Theme with Built-in Social Media Icons

Many WordPress themes come with built-in social media icons. All you have to do is select them, and you’re good to go. Check if your WordPress theme contains built-in social media icons. If it doesn’t, you will need to utilize a plugin or customize a code.

To check if your theme has built-in social media icons, go to Appearance, then Customize in the WordPress Dashboard. Look for any options linked to social media icons. If your theme includes these icons, you can customize their appearance and include links to your social media profiles.

Method 3: Manually Add Social Media Icons to Your Website

If you’re using a theme that doesn’t have built-in social media icons, it’s possible to add them manually. However, please note that this method requires coding knowledge and isn’t suitable for beginners.

Step 1: Download Social Media Icons. First, download the icons you want to use. You can either create your icons or find them online. Several websites offer social media icons for free or at a fee.

Step 2: Upload the Icons to Your Website. Upload the icons to your WordPress website by navigating to Media, then Add New in the WordPress Dashboard. Once the icons are uploaded, copy their URL links.

Step 3: Add Social Media Icons to Your Website. You’ll need to add custom code to your theme files to implement social media icons. Add the code to the header.php file of your theme or in a new text widget.

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Example Code:





Replace the URLs of the social media icons with the URLs of your uploaded icons. You can also modify the appearance of the icons by changing the CSS code.


Social media icons have become essential in improving your online presence. There are numerous methods to connect your WordPress site to social media, and these three methods are some of the most popular. Whether you use a plugin, theme, or do it manually, keep your website’s design visual appeal coherent to make it easy on the eyes. By using social media icons, you can more easily connect with visitors and significantly improve your online presence.

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