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A Comprehensive Guide to Checking Your Visual Studio License

It is an undisputed fact that having a valid license for your Visual Studio software is essential. Having uninterrupted access to features and updates is crucial for developers. However, with several editions of Visual Studio available, keeping track of your license status can be mind-boggling. In this pillar article, we promise to guide you through the steps to check your Visual Studio license status.

Step 1: Open Visual Studio

Naturally, the first step is to open Visual Studio. Nonetheless, if you are unsure of the version of Visual Studio installed on your computer, take advantage of the search option in the start menu. Alternatively, you can get a list of all the installed programs by visiting the “Programs and Features” section in the control panel.

Step 2: Access the Help Menu

In the top navigation menu of Visual Studio, click on the “Help” option. A drop-down menu will appear, offering multiple options, including “About Microsoft Visual Studio.”

Step 3: Check the License Status

After clicking on “About Microsoft Visual Studio,” a pop-up window will appear. The window displays the specifics of your edition and license status. Your license status is probably licensed, trial version, or requiring product key.

  • If your license status displays as “Product Key Required,” know that your Visual Studio software is not activated, hence you will need to enter a valid product key to activate your license. You have three options at your discretion; purchase a license directly from Microsoft, subscribe to Visual Studio through the Visual Studio Dev Essential program, or a Visual Studio subscription.
  • On the other hand, if your license status displays as “Licensed,” your Visual Studio software is already activated, and you can continue to enjoy all the features and updates without acting any further.
  • Finally, if you’re using a trial version of Visual Studio, your license status will show “Trial Version” and provide a specific date on which your trial will expire.
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Checking your Visual Studio license is a straightforward process that ensures you’re aware of your software license status. You can use the steps highlighted above to activate or purchase a license in case the license status shows as “Product Key Required.” Staying up to date with your Visual Studio license can help you stay in compliance with licensing regulations and avoid any inconvenience while developing software.

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