“Revolutionize Your WordPress Workflow with These Expert Tips to Save Editor Changes Like a Pro!”

Perplexed with WordPress Editor? Here’s a Guide to Saving Your Changes

Editor Overview

As a WordPress user, creating a blog post using the editor, including formatting, adding images feels like a breeze. But, have you ever faced the issue of losing your changes or not being able to save your work? Why does it happen? Well, let’s have a brief overview of the editor.

The WordPress editor is an interface divided into two tabs – Visual and Text. The Visual tab is a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to format your content easily without the need for coding. The Text editor allows you to enter HTML code directly. Both tabs have a toolbar containing various formatting options such as bold, italic, underline, bullet points, headings, and more.

Saving Your Work

Need to remember that saving your work regularly is important. WordPress automatically saves your work as you type. There are three ways to save your work –

  1. Click on the ‘Save Draft’ button
  2. Click on the ‘Update’ button
  3. Use the keyboard shortcut – ‘Ctrl + S’ for Windows or ‘Cmd + S’ for Mac

Don’t worry if you close the editor accidentally or lose your internet connection because WordPress has you covered with the Autosave feature. It saves a revision of your post every few seconds in the database.

Recovering Your Work

You can recover your work by clicking on the ‘Revisions’ link present below the editor. You can restore any Autosave version you want and save the restored version.

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Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg is a new editor that allows you to create rich content using blocks. Saving your work in Gutenberg is quite similar to the classic editor. You can use the ‘Save Draft’ button or ‘Save’ button to publish your post.

WordPress Mobile App

The WordPress mobile app allows you to create and edit posts on the go. You can easily save your work in the mobile app.

In Conclusion

Saving your work in WordPress editor is critical to avoid losing your work. You can save your work manually or let the Autosave feature do it for you. Gutenberg editor and the WordPress mobile app have their unique ways of saving your work.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to save changes in WordPress editor. Happy blogging!

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