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Adding Block Comments in Visual Studio: A Guide

Block comments? Essential! Facilitating better code readability and intense collaboration between developers. Right now, in this article, you can learn how-to-on-add block comments in Visual Studio.

Step 1: Open Visual Studio

First things first, open Visual Studio! Then, open the code file you want to add the block comment to. Feel perplexed yet?

Step 2: Select the code

Now that you have Visual Studio and the code file up and running, you need to select the code block you want to target. Pick a single line, or perhaps a string of code lines that you want to annotate with block comments. Don’t worry, stick with it!

Step 3: Insert the block comment

For your information, in Visual Studio, the hotkey to start block commenting is to press “CTRL + K” and “CTRL + C” together. Care more for a mouse? No problem-o! Go to “Edit > Advanced > Add Block Comment.”

Step 4: Add the Comment Text

Congratulations on getting this far! Now insert the block comment, and you’ll see that the code block you had previously selected is surrounded by a new comment block. Put in the text of whatever’s on your mind!

Step 5: Preview and Save

You’re almost there! Preview those changes! Make sure the comment text reflects exactly what the code block is doing. Once satisfied, save the file.

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In a nutshell, adding block comments in Visual Studio simplifies the process of making code blocks more readable you say? Yes! Visual Studio comes equipped with numerous shortcuts and menu options to execute adding block comments. Follow these easy steps outlined in the article, and you can add block comments to your code to get improved quality. Keep on keeping on and produce great work!

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