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Visual Studio on Ubuntu: A Guide

If you’ve ever wondered how to use Visual Studio on Ubuntu, you’re not alone. Many developers seek to take advantage of this popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on their Linux distribution. However, the process can seem daunting. Fear not! This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to download and install Visual Studio on Ubuntu.

Step 1: Check System Requirements

Before diving in, make sure your system meets the minimum requirements. It’s recommended to have:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 or higher (64-bit)
  • 4GB RAM or higher
  • At least 2GB of available hard drive space
  • A desktop environment with X11 windowing system

Step 2: Install Dependencies

Visual Studio requires several dependencies to run on Ubuntu. Open a terminal window and run the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libgtk2.0-0 libnotify4 libgconf-2-4 libnss3 libxss1 libasound2

Step 3: Download Visual Studio

You can download Visual Studio for Linux straight from the official Microsoft website. Here is a link to the latest version:


Click the “Download” button to download the .tar.gz file.

Step 4: Extract the Package

Once the download is complete, open a terminal window and navigate to the location where the package is downloaded. Extract the package using the following command:

tar -xzvf filename.tar.gz

Replace filename with the actual name of the downloaded file.

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Step 5: Install Visual Studio

After extracting the package, navigate to the extracted folder and run the following command to start the installation:

sudo ./vs_installer.sh

This will open the Visual Studio Installer, which will guide you through the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 6: Launch Visual Studio

Once the installation is complete, launch Visual Studio by running the following command in a terminal window:

sudo /usr/share/code/code

Alternatively, you can search for Visual Studio in the application launcher and launch it from there.


To sum it up, Visual Studio is a useful IDE that can be used on Ubuntu by following these simple steps. With Visual Studio on Ubuntu, you can take advantage of its powerful features to develop robust and reliable software applications.

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