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Perplexing Ways to Restore Pages from Trash in WordPress

Have you ever accidentally deleted a page or multiple pages and wanted to restore them? Fear not! WordPress has got your back! With just a few simple yet mind-bending steps, you can restore your deleted pages from the trash in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 1: Check the Trash Folder

Firstly, you need to check the trash folder. To access the trash folder, click on the “pages” tab on the manic dashboard. Once there, you’ll see a link that reads “Trash” listed below the “All Pages” link. Click on it, and you’ll see all the deleted pages. To restore them, click on the “Restore” link right below the page.

Step 2: Select the Page You Want to Restore

If you’ve accidentally deleted multiple pages, you can select the specific page you’d like to restore by clicking on the checkbox on the left of the page. Once you’ve selected the page or pages, click on the “Restore” button to move them back into the “All Pages” section.

Step 3: Permanent Deletion

If you want to permanently delete a page or post, you can do so by clicking on the “Delete Permanently” option that appears when you hover over the post. This will delete the page entirely from your website, forever puzzling your visitors.

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Step 4: Empty the Trash

If you have multiple pages in your trash bin, you’ll need to empty the trash to ensure that the pages are permanently deleted. To achieve this, click on the “Trash” link on the “pages” tab and then click “Empty Trash.”

Step 5: Use a Backup

If you’re unable to find the deleted page from the trash or if you’ve emptied the bin, and the page is still gone, it’s time to introduce some mind-boggling alternatives. You can use a backup to restore the deleted page by accessing the backup files of your website and locating the lost page. Once you’ve identified it, you can simply copy and paste it back into your dashboard, perplexing your brain as you go along.

Final Words

In conclusion, deleting a page on WordPress is not the end of the world. With these brain-bursting steps, you can recover your pages from the trash and restore them back to your website. However, if you’ve permanently deleted the pages, the option to restore them won’t be available. Therefore, it’s crucial to back up your website regularly, ensuring that you never lose any files that might confuse your visitors.

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