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Is that website using WordPress? How to tell

WordPress, a widely used content management system (CMS), powers millions of websites on the internet. But as a site visitor, you may wonder how to tell if a website is built on WordPress. In this article, we’ll show you some clues to detecting if a site is using WordPress.

Spot the default WordPress design

The easiest way to detect if a site uses WordPress is by spotting the default design elements. WordPress comes with a distinctive design that includes a logo header, a navigation menu, and a sidebar. If you encounter a website with a similar design, it’s most likely built on WordPress.

Check the source code

You can also check if a site uses WordPress by examining its source code. To do this, right-click on the page and select “View page source” in the menu. Look for the keywords “WordPress” or “wp-content”. If they appear, the site is most likely running on WordPress.

Check the URL structure

An alternative way to check if a site is using WordPress is by examining its URL structure. If the site URL ends with “/wp-admin”, it’s a WordPress site. This URL points to the login page for WordPress site administrators.

Check the footer messages

Many WordPress themes include a footer section that displays information about the site’s builder or theme. Look for messages like “Powered by WordPress” or “Theme by ThemeForest”. This is another sign that the site is running on WordPress.

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Check for Plugins

If you’re still unsure, you can check for WordPress plugins used by the website. Many site owners utilize plugins to add extra functionality to their site. Use a tool like Wappalyzer to identify the technologies used by a site. You can also detect plugins by looking for “wp-content/plugins/” in the source code of the page.

Final thoughts

In summary, WordPress is a widely used CMS that powers millions of websites. You can tell if a site uses WordPress by examining its design, source code, URL structure, footer, and plugins. If you want to build a website or blog, WordPress is an excellent choice due to its customizable themes, user-friendly interface, and plugin system.

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