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Perplexing Transition: Moving Your Website from Wix to WordPress

Are you a website builder struggling to add more functionality to your Wix website? If you’re feeling limited and need more control over your site, it’s time to switch to a more potent platform such as WordPress. Confused about where to start?

Step 1: Export Content from Wix

The first step of transferring a Wix website to WordPress is exporting the content manually. Unfortunately, there is no automatic way to do this, so you should go to your Wix dashboard, navigate to the “Site Actions” tab, and click the “Export” option. This action will create a ZIP file containing all the content of your Wix site, including all images, text, pages, and posts.

Step 2: Set Up Your WordPress Site

With your Wix content now in a ZIP file, the next step is setting up your WordPress site. You need to purchase a domain name and a web hosting service for your site. Follow the instructions provided by your web hosting service to set up the WordPress site on your server.

Step 3: Install WordPress Site Importer Plugin

WordPress has an importer plugin that helps you transfer the contents of your Wix site to WordPress easily. Simply search for the “Site Importer” plugin in the WordPress plugin repository or directly install it from your WordPress dashboard.

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Step 4: Import Your Content to WordPress

Once you have installed the WordPress Site Importer plugin, import your Wix content by clicking on “Tools” and then “Import” on your WordPress dashboard. Locate the Wix export file on your computer and upload it to WordPress using the Site Importer plugin. After uploading the file, the Site Importer plugin will process the content, and you can select which pages, posts, and images you wish to import to WordPress.

Step 5: Rebuild Your Website on WordPress

After importing your content to WordPress, start rebuilding your website by creating a new WordPress theme or selecting a pre-designed WordPress theme that is similar to your Wix website. There are many free and paid WordPress themes available that can help you achieve this.

Step 6: Customize Your WordPress Site

Select your chosen theme and customize your WordPress site by changing colors, fonts, and the layout of your website. You can also use plugins to add additional functionality to your site. Various WordPress plugins are available that can help you add features like contact forms, social media widgets, and search engine optimization tools.

Step 7: Redirect Your Domain

After building your WordPress site, redirect your domain from Wix to WordPress by logging into your domain registrar and changing the DNS settings to point to your new WordPress site. This is a crucial step as it directs visitors to the correct site.

The Final Word

Transferring a Wix website to WordPress is a tricky process that requires technical skills, but it is not impossible. With our helpful steps, you can transition from Wix to WordPress with ease, and have a more potent and flexible website that can grow to meet your business needs. So, take the plunge and make the switch today.

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