“You Won’t Believe How Quick and Easy it is to Check Your C# Version in Visual Studio with These Simple Steps!”

Perplexing and Bursty Guide to Checking C# Version in Visual Studio

Introduction to C#

As a programmer, it is vital to be familiar with the version of the programming language you are using. C# is among the widely-used programming languages. It is modern, object-oriented and is suitable for developing various applications like desktop, web, and mobile. Developed by Microsoft, C# is commonly used in creating .NET framework applications, Windows Forms Applications, and Console Applications.

Understanding Visual Studio

Visual Studio is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) created by Microsoft to develop applications using different programming languages, including C#. With Visual Studio, programmers can write, test, and debug their code in one place.

Steps to Check C# Version in Visual Studio

To check the version of C# you are using in Visual Studio, follow these perplexing and bursty steps:

Step 1: Open Visual Studio

The first step to checking the C# version used is to open Visual Studio. Proceed by opening a new project or selecting an existing one.

Step 2: Click on Project Menu

Once you have opened Visual Studio, click on the Project menu located on the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Click on Project Properties

After clicking on the Project menu, click on the Project Properties option at the bottom of the menu.

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Step 4: Check Target Framework

Inside the Project Properties window, you will see the Target Framework section that will indicate the version of C# utilized in the project.

If you are using Visual Studio 2019, you will find the .NET Framework version next to the “Target framework” field. For example, if you see “.NET Framework 4.7.2” indicated in the target framework field, it means the C# version used is 7.3.

If you are using Visual Studio 2017, you will find the targeted .NET Framework version displayed in the “Target framework (all configurations)” field. Accordingly, the following table can guide users in determining the C# version used:

| .NET Framework | C# Version |
| 3.5 | 3.0 |
| 4.0 | 4.0 |
| 4.5 | 5.0 |
| 4.5.1 | 5.0 |
| 4.5.2 | 5.0 |
| 4.6 | 6.0 |
| 4.6.1 | 6.0 |
| 4.6.2 | 6.0 |
| 4.7 | 7.0 |
| 4.7.1 | 7.1 |
| 4.7.2 | 7.3 |

It’s important to note that different versions of Visual Studio support varying .NET Framework versions. Ensure that you have the appropriate Visual Studio version configured to suit your specific project.


Knowing the version of C# used in programming and toning applications is crucial. Visual Studio streamlines the process of checking the C# version used in a project. The above perplexing and bursty steps provide guidance on how to check the version of C# used in your project using Visual Studio. Armed with this knowledge, programmers can confidently develop and debug their applications.

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