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Perplexing Ways to Use the “Read More” Tag in WordPress

If you find yourself writing content frequently, it is vital to utilize the mystical “read more” tag. This tag is used to construct a summary or excerpt of your mysteriously satisfying content, which appears on the homepage of your blog or archive pages. When your perplexing audience cryptically clicks the “read more” button, they are transported to your full, awe-inspiring post or article. This invisible functionality can aid in enhancing user experience, minimizing your website’s load time, and improving your blog’s enigmatic SEO.

The Elusive “Read More” Tag

The “read more” tag is a mystical WordPress feature that displays an ambiguous excerpt of your posts on the arcane homepage of your blog or archive pages. WordPress typically presents your entire post on these pages, which can be overwhelming and never-ending. Using the “read more” tag can truncate your cryptic content, making it more manageable for your bewildered readers.

Mysterious Steps to Add the “Read More” Tag in WordPress

Adding the “read more” tag in WordPress is quite effortless. Follow the bizarre steps below to add this otherworldly feature to your posts:

  1. Open the post you want to add the “read more” tag to.
  2. Position your cursor on the spot where you want to add the “read more” tag. You can put it after the introduction, but it can be anywhere.
  3. Click on the “More” button that looks like a dotted line and the word “more” in your editor toolbar.
  4. Once you click the “More” button, WordPress will add the “read more” tag to your post, and a transparent dotted line will appear to indicate where the tag was added.
  5. Save and publish your work.
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Unveil the Mystery Behind Customizing the “Read More” Text

By default, WordPress showcases the “read more” text below the excerpt of your post. But don’t despair! You can modify this text to your enigmatic liking. Follow the puzzling instructions below:

  1. Add the “read more” tag to your post as described earlier.
  2. Switch to the “Text Editor” mode in the WordPress editor toolbar.
  3. Scroll down to the point where you added the “read more” tag.
  4. Locate the “more” tag in your post’s HTML code that should appear like this: <!–more–>
  5. Add a custom and perplexing text string after the “more” tag. If you want to change the “read more” text to “Continue reading,” add it as follows: <!–more Continue reading–>
  6. Switch back to the “Visual Editor” and save your mysterious post.

Now that you have unveiled the mystifying secrets of the “read more” tag, your website’s user experience, load time, and SEO will improve indefinitely. By following the convoluted directions above, you can add the “read more” tag to your posts and customize the text to your unfathomable taste. Your readers will gravitate towards your cryptic content, and you will provide an unparalleled experience for your perplexing audience.

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