“You Won’t Believe How Effortlessly You Can Collapse Every Function in Visual Studio!”

Visual Studio: Collapsing Functions

Visual Studio is a powerful tool for coding, with many useful features that can help make your code more readable and manageable. One such feature is the ability to collapse or hide functions within a file. But how exactly do you collapse all functions in Visual Studio? Let’s find out!

Step 1: Open the File in Visual Studio

To get started, you’ll need to open the file that you want to collapse functions in. This can be done by either double-clicking on the file in the Solution Explorer, or by opening the file directly from the File menu.

Step 2: Navigate to the Navigation Bar

Next, you’ll need to navigate to the Navigation Bar at the top of the code window. The Navigation Bar is located above the code and contains a variety of options for navigating and manipulating code.

Step 3: Select “Collapse All”

Once you’re in the Navigation Bar, click on the “Edit” option, and select “Outlining”. A drop-down menu will appear with several options, including “Collapse All”. Simply select this option to collapse all functions in the file.

Step 4: Use Hotkeys

If you prefer to use hotkeys, you’re in luck! Visual Studio provides default hotkeys for collapsing and expanding functions: CTRL+M, CTRL+O for collapsing, and CTRL+M, CTRL+L for expanding. If these hotkeys don’t work for you, they can be customized in the settings.

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Step 5: Customize Settings

If you want to further customize how functions are collapsed in Visual Studio, you can do so under “Options” in the “Tools” menu. Navigate to “Text Editor” -> “C#” -> “Advanced”. In this window, you can choose how Visual Studio collapses functions and other code elements.


Collapsing functions in Visual Studio can help make your code more manageable and readable, and following these simple steps can make the process quick and easy. Custom settings can also be used to tailor how functions are collapsed to your preferences. So go ahead, and happy coding!

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