“You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is to Undo a Theme Change on WordPress – Follow These Simple Steps Now!”

Perplexed about WordPress Theme Changes?

WordPress is a content management system that is widely popular for its ease of use, customizability, and flexibility, among other things. Changing themes is an excellent way for the user to experiment with design and layout options. However, there may arise a situation where changing a theme becomes necessary or desirable to restore the previous state or to address design issues.

Step 1: Primarily, Backup Your Site

It is essential to create a backup copy of both files and the database before embarking on any significant shift. With the help of plugins, cPanel, or an automatic backup system provided by hosting providers, backing up a WordPress site is easy.

Step 2: Deactivate the New Theme

To undo a theme change on WordPress, it becomes necessary to deactivate the new theme by going to Appearance -> Themes in the WordPress dashboard. Thereafter, click on the Deactivate button beneath the new theme, and your site reverts to its previous active state.

Step 3: Review Your Site

After deactivating the new theme on WordPress, it becomes important to review and ensure everything is working as expected. It must be checked whether pages, menus, posts, and widgets are functioning correctly. If issues arise, swapping back to the previous theme can help.

Step 4: Delete the New Theme

If you decide to undo the theme change permanently, deleting the new theme is an option; however, it’s important to note that all customizations, including colors and fonts, will be lost. The ‘Delete’ button beneath the new theme in Appearance -> Themes options on your WordPress dashboard removes it entirely.

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Step 5: Consider Your Options

After undoing the theme change on your WordPress site, consider your alternatives. Browsing through WordPress’s theme directory or hiring a specialist developer to generate a custom theme to suit your requirements are all feasible possibilities. Alternatively, you might prefer to stay with the earlier theme and tweak it to make it more appealing.


Undoing a WordPress theme change although possible is a process that must be executed with care. Ensuring that you back up your files and databases is crucial prior to any changes, and double-checking everything works correctly after deactivating your theme is essential. Whether to change back or to generate a custom theme or stick with the previous design is a choice only you can make!

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