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Getting Perplexed with Setting Up an Under Construction Page on WordPress

Being a website owner, you need to ensure the site looks professional even while it’s not yet live. If you are just starting out or modifying an existing site, an under-construction page would be helpful. This article will help you set up an under-construction page in WordPress, step-by-step.

Step 1: Installing and Activating the SeedProd Plugin

To initiate, install and activate a plugin, which will assist in setting up your under-construction page. One of the best plugins for this purpose is SeedProd, which can be downloaded and installed from the plugin repository in WordPress.

Step 2: Creating A New Page

Create a new page for your under-construction page. SeedProd provides an in-built page builder, which aids in designing your page without any prior knowledge of coding or web designing to make sure that your page looks professional. To create a new page, go to Pages > Add New. Come up with a suitable title. You can add content to your page later using the SeedProd page builder.

Step 3: Activating the Under Construction Page

After creating the page, you’ll need to activate it so that the visitors can see it whenever they land on your site. To do that, go to Settings > Coming Soon Pro in your WordPress dashboard. Click the Status toggle to activate the under-construction page. There will be several options to customize your page, such as adding your logo, changing the background color, and even adding social media icons.

Step 4: Hide Your Site From Search Engines

While the under-construction page is activated, hide your site from search engines to allow your site to be indexed only when it’s ready. To accomplish this, go to Settings > Reading in your WordPress dashboard. Check the box, which says, “Discourage search engines from indexing this site.” A meta tag will be added to your site’s header, indicating that search engines shouldn’t index your site until it’s ready.

Step 5: Allow Access to Certain Users

If you want to allow certain users to access your site while it’s still under construction, you can use SeedProd’s Access Control feature. This is an exceptional feature that lets you whitelist specific IP addresses or users who can access the site while it’s still under construction. To proceed, go to Settings > Coming Soon Pro in your WordPress dashboard. Click on the Access Control tab, and you can then enter the IP address or email address of the user you want to whitelist.

Step 6: Customize Your Under Construction Page

After efficiently setting up the under-construction page, you can then customize the page using the SeedProd page builder. Add content, change the color scheme, and insert your logo and social media icons. To customize the page, go to Pages > All Pages on your WordPress dashboard. After selecting your page, click the “Edit with SeedProd” button to use the drag-and-drop editor to create your custom page.

Step 7: Publish Your Under-Construction Page

Once you’ve finished customizing your under-construction page, you’re now ready to publish it. To ensure that your under-construction page becomes your primary homepage, go to Settings > Reading on WordPress dashboard. Select “A static page” under “Your homepage displays”. Choose your under-construction page from the “Homepage” drop-down menu.


Setting up an under-construction page in WordPress is now very easy with the numerous features provided by SeedProd. You can create a professional-looking page with the built-in page builder and help retain visitors to your site even while it is still under construction. And with the steps covered in this article, you will set up an under-construction page in no time!

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