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Perplexed about Removing “Powered by WordPress” and “Twenty Twenty” Attribution from your Website’s Footer?

WordPress is a CMS that is widely used and popular all over the world as it has an interface that is simple. It offers several themes and plugins that provide a wide range of functions to enhance your website’s aesthetic appeal, user experience, and functionality. The Twenty Twenty theme is the most popular WordPress theme which is flexible and straightforward. However, website owners may find the “Powered by WordPress” footer and “Twenty Twenty” attribution found at the bottom of the page to be irrelevant, unprofessional or distracting for their brand. This article will provide you with the steps you need to take to remove the “Powered by WordPress” and “Twenty Twenty” footer from your website.

Reasons for Removing the Attribution

  • Aesthetic appeal: The “Powered by WordPress” and “Twenty Twenty” attribution can clash with the website’s design or branding. Removing it gives the website a cleaner and professional look.
  • Customization: Some website owners prefer to customize their website thoroughly and remove any third-party branding that may divert from their branding and messages.
  • SEO: Removing the “Powered by WordPress” footer can prevent competitors from copying the design and structure of your website. It can also help avoid duplicate content issues that can harm your website’s SEO.
  • Legal requirements: Some countries or industries require websites to disclose information about software and technologies used. However, in some cases, a mention in the footer is insufficient, and the information needs to be disclosed on a separate page or in a more explicit way.
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Steps to Remove Attribution

Step 1: Check the Theme’s License and Terms of Use

Before making changes to your website’s design or code, it is essential to check the theme’s license and terms of use. Some themes, such as the Twenty Twenty theme, require you to keep the “Powered by WordPress” attribution in the footer as they are released under the GNU General Public License. Removing it can be a violation of the license, and you may face legal consequences. However, some themes may have more lenient terms, or you may have purchased a premium version that allows you to remove the attribution. Check the theme’s documentation or license file or contact the developer for clarification.

Step 2: Use a Plugin

If the theme allows it, using a plugin is the quickest and safest way to remove the “Powered by WordPress” and “Twenty Twenty” attribution. Many free and paid plugins are available on the WordPress repository that can help you customize your footer, including:

  • Remove Powered By WordPress: This free and easy-to-use plugin removes the “Powered by WordPress” attribution from your website’s footer.
  • Remove Twenty Twenty Theme attribution: Designed specifically for the Twenty Twenty theme, this free plugin removes the “Twenty Twenty” attribution from your website’s footer and is simple and effective.
  • WP Remove Footer Credit: This free plugin offers more customization options for your website’s footer, including the ability to change the footer text, credit links, and add custom CSS to style the footer. It’s compatible with most WordPress themes and is easy to use.
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To use a plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the “Plugins” section, search for the plugin you want to install, and click the “Install” button. After installing it, activate the plugin and configure its settings. Ensure that you read the plugin’s documentation and back up your website before making any changes.

Step 3: Edit the Code Manually

If you are comfortable with editing the code of your website, you can remove the attribution by modifying the footer.php file in your theme’s directory following these steps:

  • Access your website’s file manager or your hosting provider’s FTP client.
  • Navigate to the wp-content/themes/twentytwenty directory (or the directory of your current theme).
  • Locate the footer.php file and open it with a text editor.
  • Search for the “Powered by WordPress” and “Twenty Twenty” text within the file.
  • Delete the corresponding code that contains these texts. Ensure that you save the file after making the changes.
  • Refresh your website’s page to view the changes. You may also need to clear your browser’s cache to see the updated footer.

Note that modifying your website’s code manually is risky and can lead to errors or conflicts if not done correctly. It’s recommended that you backup your theme’s directory and consult a developer before making any changes.

Step 4: Hire a Developer

If you’re not comfortable with editing your website’s code or plugins, or if you have specific customization requirements, you can hire a developer to help remove the “Powered by WordPress” and “Twenty Twenty” attribution. You can find experienced WordPress developers on websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Codeable. Before hiring a developer, communicate your requirements clearly and check their portfolio and reviews.

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Removing the “Powered by WordPress” and “Twenty Twenty” attribution can help enhance your website’s aesthetic appeal, customization, SEO, and legal compliance. Before making any changes, ensure that you check your theme’s license, backup your website and consult a developer if needed. Test your website after making the changes to ensure everything works smoothly. Following these steps will enable you to customize your WordPress website and create a unique online presence.

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