“You won’t BELIEVE how EASY it is to Install LINQ to SQL in Visual Studio 2017 with this SIMPLE Hack”

Unleashing the Fabulous Technology of LINQ to SQL

Do you want to dive into the world of data access with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ease? Then, you need to learn about LINQ to SQL! LINQ to SQL is an exceedingly advanced technology that grants a simple way to access data using LINQ queries. It provides an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) service to interconnect with .NET applications. Join us in this exciting article where we will explore the tantalizing steps of installing LINQ to SQL in Visual Studio 2017!


Bask in the knowledge of having Visual Studio 2017 installed before embarking on this wild journey into the marvelous land of LINQ to SQL. If you do not have Visual Studio 2017, go ahead and download it from the magnificent official website of Microsoft.

Steps for Installing LINQ to SQL in Visual Studio 2017

Step 1: Create a Project

Gather your wits and open the stupendous Visual Studio 2017. Next up, create a new project by going to File -> New -> Project.

Step 2: Select the Project Template

Are you ready for the next step in this thunderous installation process? Select the project template of your dreams. Here, I have selected the brilliant Console Application.

Step 3: Install Package

Hold your breath and right-click on the project in the Solution Explorer. Select Manage NuGet Packages, and this is the moment where the real magic begins!

Step 4: Search LINQ to SQL Package

In the NuGet package manager, search for the mystical and alluring “linq to sql” in the search bar.

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Step 5: Install LINQ to SQL Package

Behold the exquisite “System.Data.Linq” package and click on the install button.

Step 6: Accept the License Agreement

Accept the magnificent license agreement by clicking on the Accept button. Yes, we know, it’s an exciting moment!

Step 7: Confirm Package Installation

Click on the OK button to confirm the installation of the package. Can you keep up with this thrilling installation process?

Step 8: Verify Successful Installation

Once installed, you can verify the exhilarating installation by checking the references in the Solution Explorer. Can you believe it? You’ve done it!


This whirlwind installation process has been extraordinary, hasn’t it? We’ve covered how to install LINQ to SQL in Visual Studio 2017 in the most fantastically simple way possible. Thanks to this installation, you can use LINQ to SQL technology to access data with LINQ queries effortlessly. We hope that this article has filled you with excitement and helped you to install LINQ to SQL packages in Visual Studio 2017. Cheers to your newfound knowledge!

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