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WordPress Maintenance Mode Explained

WordPress is a content management system used by millions of websites worldwide. With its “maintenance mode” feature, site admins can keep their visitors informed while performing updates or making changes to the site. Although maintenance mode is beneficial in some cases, it may confuse new users who are unfamiliar with it. Therefore, turning off maintenance mode in WordPress is crucial.

What is Maintenance Mode in WordPress?

Maintenance mode is a feature that keeps visitors informed that the site is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance or updates. Site owners can notify users that the site will be available soon. The plugins that initiate maintenance mode display custom messages or pages during this period.

Why Turn Off Maintenance Mode?

Several reasons call for turning off maintenance mode on your WordPress site:

  • Your maintenance tasks are completed
  • Your site has encountered an error
  • You want to make your site accessible to everyone

How to Turn Off Maintenance Mode in WordPress

Here are the methods to turn off maintenance mode on your WordPress site:

1. Manually Disable Maintenance Mode

The easiest way to turn off maintenance mode is to disable it manually from the plugin settings. Most WordPress maintenance mode plugins have this option.

2. Delete the Maintenance Mode Plugin

You can also disable the maintenance mode plugin by choosing to disable it or deleting it from the site entirely. This option may be useful if you experience trouble turning off maintenance mode through the plugin settings.

3. Remove the Maintenance Mode Code from Your Site

To take your site out of maintenance mode, remove the code you created your maintenance mode page with.

4. Clear Your Site’s Cache

It’s possible that the cached version of your site is still in maintenance mode if you’re using a caching plugin or service. Try clearing your site’s cache and check for changes to turn off maintenance mode.

5. Contact Your Hosting Provider

If none of the methods work, contact your hosting provider for assistance. They’ll have access to your site’s files and help you resolve any issues preventing you from taking it out of maintenance mode.


Turning off maintenance mode is a simple process to make your site accessible again. Whether you’re using a plugin or custom coding, ensure you learn the steps required to disable maintenance mode. In case you have any issues, try the methods discussed above, or contact your hosting provider for assistance.

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