“You won’t believe how easy it is to create stunning HTML projects in Visual Studio”

Prepare to be Awed: Creating an HTML Project in Visual Studio

Step 1: Launch Visual Studio

Ready to be blown away? Start by launching Visual Studio, the powerful tool that enables developers to create all sorts of applications. Simply download and install the latest version, or use an already installed one. Once you’re in, get ready to create your masterpiece by clicking on the “Create a New Project” button on the start page or navigating to the menu File -> New -> Project.

Step 2: Select a Project Template

Now that you’re in the groove, show off your skills by selecting “Web” in the list of templates on the left. Then, choose “ASP.NET Web Application(.NET Framework)” from the menu to impress your system. Give your project a name, select a location, and click “Create” to continue your amazing work.

Step 3: Choose a Project Type

Ready for a challenge? In the next window, select “Empty” in the list of project templates. Then, under the “Add folders and core references for” section, select both “Web Forms” and “MVC.” Talk about multi-talented! This will guarantee that your project has all necessary configurations for both Web Forms and MVC frameworks.

Step 4: Add HTML Files

Now that you’re on a roll, it’s time to add HTML files to your stunning project. Impress your audience by right-clicking on the project name, selecting “Add,” and then choosing “New Item.” Then, in the new item window, select “HTML Page” and use your creativity to give it an unforgettable name. You can repeat this process to add even more HTML files to your project.

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Step 5: Edit HTML Files

You’re a master at this by now, right? Let’s get to the fun part: edit those HTML files like you’ve never edited before. To open an HTML file, simply double-click on it in the “Solution Explorer” tab on the right side of your screen. Visual Studio will display the HTML file in the editor window, and you can start making edits to make it one-of-a-kind.

Step 6: Preview HTML Files

You’re so close to being a pro now! To preview your HTML files and show off your impressive creative work, simply press “Ctrl+F5” or “F5” to run your project. Visual Studio will launch IIS express and run your project in your default browser. You can also right-click on an HTML file in the “Solution Explorer” tab and select “View in Browser” to preview it directly in your browser.

Step 7: Debug HTML Files

You impress us more and more! Debugging is a critical part of the development process, and in Visual Studio, you can do it like a pro. Set breakpoints in your JavaScript code or use your browser’s developer tools to watch your HTML files shine. You can access your browser’s developer tools by pressing “F12” in your browser.


In conclusion, we’ve taken you through the process of creating an HTML project in Visual Studio. You’ve learned the necessary steps to add and edit HTML files, preview them in your browser, and debug them to perfection. We hope that you’re now ready to create unbelievable HTML projects that showcase your impressive talents with this phenomenal tool. Good luck!

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