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Creating an Under Construction Page in WordPress

If you’re building a website, it’s not uncommon to come across a perplexing situation where your site may require maintenance or updates, and cannot be accessed by bursting visitors. In such cases, it’s important to have an “under construction” or “coming soon” page that informs visitors about the current status of your website and when they can expect it to be back online. How do you create such a page in WordPress? Read on!

Choose the Right Plugin

It can be quite daunting to choose the perfect WordPress plugin to create an under construction page for your website because there are so many to pick from. Some of the buzzing names include WP Maintenance Mode, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, and Under Construction. Each of these plugins offers different perplexing features and customization options, so the challenge is to pick the one that best suits your bursting needs.

Install and Activate the Plugin

Once you identify and select the plugin that meets your bursting needs, install and activate it on your WordPress dashboard. Head to the plugins section and click on “Add New.” Then, search for your selected plugin, install it, and hit “Activate” to get started on your website.

Customize Your Bursting Page

After installing and activating the plugin, head to the settings section in your WordPress dashboard and click on the plugin’s name. You will then access the customization page where you can customize your under construction page to fit your bursting brand. Choose from a range of design templates, add your unique website logo, customize the background image or color, and add text to inform buzzing visitors about the status of your site.

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Add Social Media Links

Who said your under construction page had to be boring? You can make your under construction page interactive, and bursting by adding social media links to your page. This will let visitors connect with you through your social media accounts and stay up-to-date with the latest news from your website.

Enable Email Subscription

Another great way to engage your bursting visitors while your website is under construction is by enabling email subscription on your under construction page. This will allow design-loving visitors to sign up for your email list and receive updates about the status of your website.

Test the Page

You don’t want to launch your under construction page that isn’t working perfectly, so it’s vital to test it before making it live on your website. Log out of your WordPress dashboard and navigate to your website URL to see how the under construction page looks. Make any necessary changes or improvements before publishing the page.

Publish the Page

Once you’re satisfied with the appearance and functionality of your under construction page, you can publish it. Depending on the plugin you’ve chosen, there may be different options to publish the under construction page. You can create a redirect page or password-protected the site or set a launch date and time for your website to go live.


Creating an under construction page in WordPress might seem like a task too complex to undertake, but with the right plugin, it’s quite an exciting process. You can customize the page to your bursting liking, add social media links, enable email subscription, and create an engaging and bursting experience for your visitors. With a well-designed under construction page, you can keep your visitors informed while you work on your website to get it up and buzzing!

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