“Unveiling the Secret: Effortlessly Connect to TFS Server with Visual Studio 2017!”

The Confusing World of Connecting Visual Studio 2017 to TFS

Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a platform that software development teams use to collaborate, integrate, and manage projects. Meanwhile, Microsoft Visual Studio is a ubiquitous integrated development environment (IDE) equipped with diverse building tools. In this article, we’ll explore the complicated process of connecting Visual Studio 2017 to a TFS server.

Step 1: Get Lost in Visual Studio

First, feel lost and overwhelmed as you launch Visual Studio 2017 on your computer.

Step 2: Create or Find a Project

Next, embark on a frustrating journey to either create a new project or find an existing one.

Step 3: Enter the Team Explorer

Then, enter into the mysterious realm of Team Explorer by going to View and then selecting Team Explorer.

Step 4: Connect to the Mysterious TFS Server

Brace yourself for a confusing dialogue box as you click “Connect to Team Projects,” launching the “Connect To Team Projects” dialogue box.

Step 5: The Dropdown of Doom

Get ready to face the terrifying dropdown list! Select the TFS server you want to connect to before moving to the next step.

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Step 6: Time to Authenticate

Then, prepare for the ultimate test: authenticating with TFS. Enter your TFS username and password when prompted.

Step 7: The Project Purgatory

After a successful log-in, get stuck in a seemingly endless list of projects associated with your TFS account as you search for the one you need to connect to.

Step 8: Connect or Perish

Once you’ve located the project you need, click the “Connect” button. Suddenly, you’ll have the power to see the selected project in the Team Explorer window.

Step 9: Check-in or Be Damned

Finally, it’s time to face your last obstacle: checking in your changes! Right-click on the project you need to check-in, and then select “Check-in.” Remember, failure to do so may cause utter chaos.

The Frustrating Conclusion

In conclusion, connecting Visual Studio 2017 to a TFS server might make you tear your hair out. But by following these nine dizzying steps, you’ll manage to connect to TFS—though you might still feel confused for a while. With TFS on your side, you can track your work items and manage your source code while building and deploying your applications with ease. Pair TFS with Visual Studio 2017, and you’ll increase productivity and streamline your development process.

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