“Unveiled: The Ultimate Guide to Unlocking HTML Files in WordPress for Stunning Website Customization!”

WordPress: A Powerful CMS For Website Management

If you’re looking to create and manage a website with a wide range of features and functionalities, WordPress is an excellent platform. With various plugins and themes, users can extend their website’s capabilities. However, WordPress users often face issues when opening HTML files in WordPress.

Step 1- Understanding The Basics

Before proceeding, let’s understand that WordPress relies on PHP files to offer its functionality to users. Therefore, adding HTML files to WordPress directly is not possible. However, we can use WordPress’s text editor to add HTML code to our pages or posts. Always create a backup of your website and database before starting to edit any files.

Step 2- Create HTML Page

First, we need to create an HTML page using an HTML editor like Sublime Text or Dreamweaver, or a plain text editor like Notepad. Make sure you save the HTML page with an extension .html to identify it as an HTML file.

Step 3- Create A New Page or Post

To add the HTML file to WordPress, we need to create a new page or post. We can access the Add New Page function by going to Pages > Add New or Posts > Add New for blog posts.

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Step 4- Open Page/Post Editor

After choosing Add New, we’re directed to the WordPress editor. We’ll select the Text tab instead of the Visual tab to add HTML code to our page or post.

Step 5- Paste The HTML Code

In the Text tab, paste the HTML code, including the opening and closing tags, into the editor.

Step 6- Save Page/Post

Click on the Publish button to save the page or post. The HTML page can now be viewed by visiting the URL of the newly created page or post.

Step 7- Link Your HTML Page

If you have an HTML page that belongs to a particular topic, such as About Us or Contact Us, add a link to this HTML page in your website’s navigation menu.

  • Go to Appearance > Menus > Add Menu Item.
  • Enter the name of the link, such as About Us or Contact Us.
  • In the URL field, enter the URL of the HTML page you want to link to.
  • Click on the Add to Menu button.
  • Save your changes.

Step 8- Use A Plugin

If you don’t know HTML, don’t want to create a new page, or want to display your HTML file as a widget, use a WordPress plugin like HTML for WordPress.

HTML for WordPress is a free plugin that allows us to embed HTML code into our pages, posts, and widgets easily. Once installed, a new button will appear in your WordPress editor, and you can insert your HTML code using the plugin.


Adding HTML files to WordPress can be easy by following the above steps. Whether you want to create an HTML page from scratch or use a plugin, several options are available. Always remember to save a backup of your website before making any changes.

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