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Perplexing Steps to Obtain Your WordPress Home Page URL

Step #1: What Even is a Home Page URL?

It is imperative to comprehend the significance of a home page URL when constructing and sustaining a WordPress website. The home page URL points to the primary page of your site that visitors will initially perceive. It is the core of your brand, services and products. The home page URL is a crucial component for navigation menus, redirect settings and other useful functions.

Step #2: Check the Settings Page

Confused about how to locate your home page URL? Don’t fret! Simply check the settings page. This is the simplest method for most cases. Log into your WordPress dashboard and click “Settings” > “Reading”. There, you can choose the option to set up a static page as your home page or choose your latest posts. If you have a static page, you will locate the URLs of both pages, the “Homepage” URL is the one you require.

Step #3: Finding the Home Page URL in the Menu

If method #2 fails, try looking for your home page URL located in the navigation menu. This is another effortless strategy. Make sure to go on the front-end of your website. Look for a label that states “home page” on the menu. Hover over the link in your browser and you’ll be able to view the URL at the top or bottom of your browser.

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Step #4: Inspect Element Method

Now, if the previous methods don’t work for you, don’t panic! This is the most challenging method but it’s not impossible. Right-click on any web page except for the home page and select “Inspect Element”. A window will appear displaying the HTML code of the page. Look for the

Step #5: Use a Plugin

Should you be unable to find your home page URL by now, simply use a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO, WP SEO Structured Data Schema or the All in One SEO Pack. These popular plugins can provide the URL of your home page without any issue. After installing and activating the plugin on your WordPress site, go to the settings tab and look for the option to specify the home page URL.


Acquiring your home page URL can be daunting, however, it is crucial if you wish to set up redirects, navigation menus or other important functions on your WordPress site. Once you have found your home page URL, you can use it constructively to create internal links, adjust Google Analytics and more. We hope the steps laid out above have helped you find your home page URL and enhance your website.

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