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Perplexed Yet Bursting Basic Guide to Creating an App using Visual Studio


Have you ever heard about Visual Studio? It is one of those complex development tools that you will find helpful if you are looking to create an app for your business or purpose. It can be daunting yet bursting with opportunities, and it’s essential to acknowledge its importance.

Step 1: Installation and Configuration

Are you ready to get started with Visual Studio? Good news! It is available to download through the Microsoft website. Before you can use it, you need to install it and configure it based on your preferences. And this is where the perplexity begins. Follow the wizard diligently until it’s fully installed to avoid any issues.

Step 2: Choosing the App type

The App type and programming language you choose to suit the user’s needs and preferences. The question is, are you developing a desktop or web application? And what programming language will you use? C++, C#, or more? Perplexed yet?

Step 3: Designing the User Interface

The visual appeal of your app attracts users. And that is why it’s crucial to start designing your user interface. You can use various controls provided by the designer and make it interactive by setting up the necessary events that trigger actions when clicked. Keep yourself bursting with ideas!

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Step 4: Building the App Code

The app’s behavior aims to achieve specific functionality. And that is where the code comes in. Define the app functions and methods, implement the necessary logic, and use debugging tools to test your code at each development stage.

Step 5: Testing

The moment of truth has arrived! You need to ensure that the app’s functionality meets the users’ needs or requirements. Use debug mode to test the app functionality, and make necessary changes and optimizations to improve performance. And trust me, there will be several bursts of confusion, but don’t worry; keep trying!

Step 6: Build and Publish

Once you are confident with the quality of your app, it’s time to publish and distribute it to your target audience. Use the build tools provided by Visual Studio and choose a deployment method for your app (Windows Store, GitHub, etc.). And finally, publish your app to the appropriate platform.


Visual Studio as a development tool can be perplexing yet bursting with opportunities. It is essential to recognize its importance and encourage yourself to hone your app creating skills using Visual Studio. Carry on! Keep perplexing, and keep bursting!

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