“Unlock Your WordPress Site in Seconds! Learn How to Reset Your Password Without Email Hassles!”

Baffled by a Forgotten WordPress Password? Here’s how to Reset it without Email

Are you a website administrator or owner who has forgotten the password to access your WordPress account? This can pose a significant challenge and leave you feeling perplexed, but don’t despair – it is possible to reset your WordPress password without using your email. In this article, we will try to break down the steps you can take to reset your WordPress password with a burst of energy and clarity.

Step 1: Get Access to Your Hosting Account

The first step towards resolving this issue is accessing your hosting account by logging in using your username and password. After successfully logging in, navigate to the cPanel or control panel section of your website.

Step 2: Navigate to the Database Manager

Once you land on the control panel, navigate to the database manager tab, which can usually be accessed under the “Database” or “MySQL Databases” label.

Step 3: Access Your WordPress Database

Now that you’re on the database manager page, locate your WordPress installation and select it. Once inside, you can access various tables representing different parts of your WordPress site.

Step 4: Access the wp_users Table

Locate the “wp_users” table, which contains all the users with access to your WordPress account. Click on the “Edit” button next to the user account that requires a password reset. This action will prompt you to update details related to that account, including the password.

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Step 5: Change Your Password

The “user_pass” section is where you can update your password. Type in your new passcode while ensuring that it’s strong and has a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. Next, select “MD5” from the drop-down menu under “Function.” This encrypts your password using the MD5 algorithm. Finally, click on “Go” or “Save Changes” to save the new password.

Step 6: Log In to WordPress

After successfully creating a new password, navigate to the WordPress login page and input your username and password. If successfully reset, you should log into your WordPress account without any hitches.


Don’t let forgetting your WordPress password dampen your day. We hope that our article has provided clarity on how to reset your WordPress password without email easily. Always remember to use a strong password and protect it from unauthorized access or contact your web hosting support or a WordPress expert for extra assistance.

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