“Unlock Your WordPress Powers: The Secret to Resetting Your Admin Password Safely and Easily!”

WordPress Password Reset via Database

Are you perplexed and feeling bursty because you forgot your WordPress admin password? Don’t worry, you can access your forgotten password through the database. WordPress is an open-source CMS software that lets you create and manage your website’s content. Business owners, bloggers, and website owners across the world use WordPress for their website. After you set up your WordPress site, you create an admin account that gives you access to everything on your site. If you do forget your admin password, you can reset it through the WordPress Admin Panel and through the email address associated with your account. However, if those don’t work, don’t panic! There’s one more method that can help you get back in—resetting the password from the WordPress database.

Why Reset Your WordPress Admin Password from the Database?

There are many reasons why you may need to reset your WordPress admin password from the database. What if you forgot the admin password or your login credentials aren’t working due to some other cause? Or, maybe you’ve lost access to the email address that’s linked to your admin account. In all these situations, resetting your password through the database can help you regain access to your WordPress website.

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What is the Database?

The database is where all your website’s data is stored, including your posts, pages, user accounts, and other content. All this data is organized and managed in a structured format. The WordPress software pulls data from the database to display your website’s content to your visitors.

Step-by-Step Guide to Reset Your WordPress Admin Password from the Database

Step 1: Backup Your Database

Before making any changes to your website’s database, it is crucial to take a backup. In case something goes beary wrong during the password reset process, you can restore your database to its previous state. Use the control panel provided by your hosting provider or the phpMyAdmin to export a copy of your database to your computer.

Step 2: Access Your Database

You’ll need to login to your hosting account and open phpMyAdmin to access your WordPress database. You’ll see a list of databases on the left, click on the database that corresponds to your WordPress website.

Step 3: Locate Your User Table

Once you’ve opened your WordPress database, you’ll see a list of tables like wp_posts, wp_comments, wp_users, etc. You need to choose the wp_users table, which is where all the user accounts for your WordPress website are stored.

Step 4: Edit Your Admin User Account

To reset your admin password, edit your user account. Find your admin user account in the wp_users table and click the “Edit” button next to it. A form with your user account’s complete information will show up.

Step 5: Generate a New Password

Now you must generate a new hashed password for your admin user account. WordPress hashes passwords, meaning you cannot input a new password into the database. Generate a hashed password that matches the format of the other passwords in the database by opening a new tab in your web browser and visiting the WordPress Password Generator website (https://strongpasswordgenerator.com/wordpress). In the “New Password” field, enter your new password and choose the “WordPress” option from the “Password Type” drop-down menu. Click the “Generate Password” button to generate your new password.

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Step 6: Update Your User Account

After generating your new hashed password, replace the current password in the wp_users table with it. Save the changes you’ve made to your user account.

Step 7: Test Your New Password

Now that you’ve reset your admin password in the database, test it by logging into your WordPress website with your new password. You should be able to regain access to your website if everything went smoothly.


In conclusion, resetting your WordPress admin password is an easy process that can be done using different methods. The email and WordPress Admin Panel methods are available, but if they don’t work, you can always try resetting your password through the WordPress database. Always back up your database before making any changes to it to avoid any data loss of importance. If you follow the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to reset your password using the database method and regain access to your website without any issues.

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