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Transferring Ownership of a WordPress Site: A Comprehensive Guide

Creating a WordPress site is simple enough, but eventually, the need to transfer ownership may arise. Whether it’s due to selling the site, handing off project management duties, or team member exits, transferring ownership is a pivot process best approached with caution.

Step 1: Prepare for the Transfer

Before starting the transfer, it’s best to prepare for the changeover: notify relevant parties (clients, customers, vendors, or team members), review user roles and permissions, and backup the site.

Step 2: Change User Roles and Permissions

Adjust user roles and permissions to grant the new owner access to what they need. Typically, they’ll require administrator access or editor access.

Step 3: Transfer Site Ownership

There are several methods: manually transferring the site files and database, exporting and importing using WordPress Export/Import tool, or using migration plugins like Duplicator and WP Migrate DB. The latter is the most automated and reliable.

Step 4: Test the Site in the New Owner’s Environment

Test the site’s functionality, layout, and custom features to ensure they’re working correctly on the new owner’s end. Verify domain name settings and routing changes.

Step 5: Hand over the Site

Once everything checks out, hand over the login credentials and any necessary information. Have a conversation with the new owner about expectations and responsibilities.

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Transferring ownership may be complex, but following these steps will make it smoother and efficient, with little to no disruption to the business or team.

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