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WordPress, the hugely popular platform for building websites, has bountiful benefits, including its customizability, user-friendliness, and unmatched control over design, content, and functionality. However, even well-designed websites can encounter issues like plugin malfunctions or cybercrime, which can severely impede their performance, user experiences, and search engine rankings. In this article, we’ll discuss some common issues faced by WordPress site owners and how to fix them.

Backup Your Website

Before fixing any issues, ensure you create a backup to revert to in case anything goes wrong. Multiple methods exist to backup your WordPress site. For instance, you can use plugins, automation or custom backup scripts. A backup plugin lets you choose what backups to make, how often to back up, and where to store the backup files.

Fixing Theme and Plugin Conflicts

Sometimes, conflicts between installed plugins or themes can cause incomplete or dead pages, error messages, and even website crashes. To avoid such conflicts, use trusted and updated themes and plugins. For themes and plugin conflicts:

Deactivate Plugins and Check for the Issue

Start by disabling all installed plugins, reactivate them one by one, and check if the issue persists after each activation.

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Switch to a Default WordPress Theme

If deactivating plugins doesn’t work, temporarily switch to a default WordPress theme. If the issue disappears after the change, then the problem is with the theme.

Repairing Database Issues

Your website’s database holds vital data that keeps the site running. Database issues can cause significant problems such as data losses or site crashes. Repair your WordPress database using:

Repair your Database with a Plugin

Use plugins like WP-Optimize or WP-DBManager to check and repair your WordPress database.

Manual Repairing through PhpMyAdmin

Log in to the cPanel of your website or web hosting account to access PhpMyAdmin. Click on the database of the website and select Repair Table option from the Options menu.

Fixing WordPress White Screen of Death

The common WordPress white screen of death issue occurs due to errors in the WordPress database or any site files, which results in a blank screen. Try these methods to fix it:

Identify the issue

Determine if the issue is within the WordPress file structure or the database. Try uninstalling or reverting to an older version if a recently installed or updated plugin or theme may be causing the problem.

Disable all Plugins

Deactivate all your plugins to identify if the issue is related to a particular plugin. Reactivate the plugins one by one, checking if the issue persists after activating each plugin.

Replace the Core Files

If the above steps fail, replace the WordPress core files manually with the latest version.

Fixing Hacked WordPress Sites

A hacked WordPress site can cause data loss, damage to the website, and even blacklisting by search engines. To recover your site from a hack:

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Identify and Quarantine the Hack

Identify and quarantine the hacked area(s). Use the website’s security logs to pinpoint the issue, then block any malicious files and remove any undesirable database entries or content.

Restore from a Backup

Restore the website from a backup if you have one. This ensures that your website is free of any corrupted files.

Reinstall WordPress

Reinstall WordPress in cases where the hack has affected the WordPress database and core files to keep your site free of malware and other infections.

Final Thoughts

Frequently maintain and secure your WordPress site by creating backups, updating plugins and themes, and monitoring site performance to ensure the highest level of security and performance. A well-maintained website ensures maximum visitor satisfaction.

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