“Unlock the Secrets to Making Serious Money on Themeforest with Your Own Custom WordPress Theme”

Embark on a Profitable Journey with Themeforest: A Guide for WordPress Developers

Are you a WordPress developer seeking to tap into the prosperous world of theme selling on Themeforest? You have come to the right place! Crafting a WordPress theme to sell on Themeforest could be quite lucrative, but it’s vital to comprehend the intricacies of the process to guarantee your theme stands out from the crowd. In this comprehensive write-up, we offer insights into everything you need to know about creating a WordPress theme that complies with Themeforest’s strict guidelines and makes money for you.

Step 1 – Research and Plan

The first step towards creating a thriving WordPress theme is research. It would be best if you began by examining Themeforest’s top-selling themes to determine what distinguishes them. By doing this, you’ll gain a better understanding of what the most hotcakes themes are and how you can develop similar ones with your innovative twist. Take notes of what you find valuable and why.

Post-research, commence planning by defining the theme’s purpose, niche, and features. Since every theme on Themeforest must be user-friendly, create something that is both unique and easy to use.

Step 2 – Select a Framework

The following step is to choose a framework for your WordPress theme. A framework is the skeletal structure on which all WordPress themes are built. It aids in streamlining your development process and allows you to focus on the design and other customization options. There are numerous frameworks to choose from, but we recommend starting with a lightweight framework like Underscores or Sage.

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Step 3 – Design and Development

Design and development are two of the most critical aspects of creating a WordPress theme for Themeforest. A well-designed theme will not only look good but also function effectively. When crafting your theme, ensure that every aspect is clean, modern, and visually pleasing.

When it comes to development, writing clean and optimized code that adheres to WordPress coding standards is crucial. This ensures that your theme is swift, secure, and entirely functional. The code should be easily understandable by other developers who might use your theme.

Step 4 – Test and Optimize

Testing your theme is the next step after completing development. Check it in various scenarios, including diverse browsers, devices, and WordPress versions, to ensure that it meets Themeforest’s criteria.

Optimize your theme’s performance by compressing your code, decreasing image size, and utilizing a caching plugin. Quick loading times are critical to the user experience and are also a determining aspect for search engine indexing.

Step 5 – Submission and Review

Finally, submit your WordPress theme for review on Themeforest. Before submission, make sure you have adhered to all their requirements, including documentation and support. It’s also advisable to incorporate useful features like theme options, customized widgets, and integrated plugins.

The review process may take up to five days or more, depending on the number of submissions. The Themeforest team reviews your theme to ensure it meets their quality standards before granting permission to sell it. You will receive feedback on the changes you need to make if your theme gets rejected for not meeting their standards.

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Upon approval, it’s time to market and sell your theme. Themeforest handles payments, refunds, and distribution of your theme. You earn a commission for every sale, minus their fees.


Developing a WordPress theme for Themeforest could be a gratifying experience if executed properly. Ensure that you invest time, dedication, and efforts in research, planning, design, and development to create a theme that users will adore. It may require time, persistence, and dedication to make it big, but the rewards are worth it. So, commence creating your masterpiece, and enjoy the journey.

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