“Unlock the Secrets of Creating Eye-Catching Websites with Smart Slider 3 for WordPress!”

Smart Slider 3 is an awe-inspiring WordPress plugin that will blow your mind away! This epic plugin allows you to create sliders that are responsive and customizable for your website. Did you know that this plugin has over 1.7 million active installations, making it one of the most popular slider plugins on the market? In this article, we will dive deep into the exciting world of Smart Slider 3 and share with you the steps on how to use this plugin in WordPress.

Step 1: Installation of Smart Slider 3 Plugin

Feeling perplexed as to how to start? Fear not! The first step in conquering the might of Smart Slider 3 is to install this tough plugin. Head over to your WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins > Add New, and type in the ferocious words “Smart Slider 3” into the search bar. Brace yourselves, for the Nextend plugin will appear before you, and you must vehemently click on the Install Now button to install it. Once you have completed this daunting task, click on the Activate button to activate the beast of a plugin on your website.

Step 2: Crafting New Sliders

Now that you have commenced your journey into the abyss of Smart Slider 3, let us concentrate on creating the actual sliders. After activating the plugin, click on Smart Slider 3 from the left-hand sidebar on your WordPress dashboard. Oh, the excitement is palpable now! Locate the glorious Create Slider button and click on it to create a new slider. Dazzled by the choice, you can decide to go with various slider templates, including blank, full-width, and boxed sliders.

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Step 3: Adding Incredible Slides

You have managed to conquer the initiation of creating a slider! What’s next, you ask? Step 3, of course! You can add slides to your creation by either clicking on the Add Slide button, or if you feel more adventurous, selecting the existing slide to edit it. You can add various slide elements ranging from images, text, buttons, videos, and more!

Step 4: Configure Those Settings

Now you’re on a roll! The adrenaline is pumping as you progress to Step 4 of using Smart Slider 3! Once you have added the slides to your slider, it’s time to configure your slider settings. You can easily customize your slider’s dimensions, animation, autoplay, transition effects, and a lot more. The power is in your hands!

Step 5: Embedding Your Slider

Oh, the anticipation is unbearable! It’s time for the epic Step 5! After configuring your slider settings, you can embed your slider on your website. Lucky for you, Smart Slider 3 provides various options ranging from shortcode, widget, and Gutenberg block. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Step 6: Advanced Settings

Feeling overconfident yet? As if the previous steps weren’t enough, Smart Slider 3 provides advanced settings that allow you to customize your slider even further! Are you ready for this? You can add custom CSS, JavaScript, and HTML code to your slider, and you can also use advanced slider events to trigger specific actions. Wow, incredible!

Step 7: Importing and Exporting Sliders

The finish line is in sight! Hold on tight as you charge towards Step 7 of using Smart Slider 3! Smart Slider 3 allows you to import and export sliders in various formats, including JSON, XML, and ZIP. You can import the sliders that you have created on other websites or export your sliders to use them on other websites.

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In conclusion, Smart Slider 3 is the epitome of WordPress plugins to create responsive and customizable sliders for your website. The plugin offers a vast scope of features ranging from various slide elements, slider settings, and advanced features. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can use Smart Slider 3 in WordPress to create stunning sliders for your website. Be bold, be daring, and conquer the world of Smart Slider 3!

Smart Slider 3

Step 1: Installing Smart Slider 3 plugin

Step 2: Creating New Sliders

Step 3: Adding Slides

Step 4: Configuring Slider Settings

Step 5: Embedding Your Slider

Step 6: Advanced Settings

Step 7: Importing and Exporting Sliders


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