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Crafting a WordPress Website like YouTube: A Perplexing Guide

WordPress, the CMS of choice for website creation enthusiasts, is known for its flexibility in designing a diverse range of websites like blogs, e-commerce sites, business websites and even video websites. In this article, we will entangle you in the perplexing process of creating a video website similar to YouTube using WordPress. We will cover the primary steps and tools you will need to create a video website from the ground up.

Step 1: Choose a WordPress Hosting Provider

The initial step in the bewildering process of creating a WordPress website is to select a hosting provider. You need a hosting provider to house your website on its servers for it to be accessible on the internet. With an overflow of hosting providers available, you must consider your website requirements, technical expertise and budget before choosing one.

To set up a video website comparable to YouTube, you require a hosting provider that can handle video streaming, high traffic volumes, and massive file uploads. Top WordPress hosting providers such as SiteGround, WP Engine, Bluehost and others offer different pricing plans, and it is crucial to compare the plans and choose the one that meets your requirements.

Step 2: Install WordPress

Once you have selected a hosting provider, you can install WordPress on your website effortlessly. Most hosting providers offer a one-click installation option for WordPress, making the installation process simple and quick. In case you encounter any installation mishaps, you can refer to the hosting provider’s documentation or reach out to the support team.

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After installation, you can access the WordPress dashboard and customize your website’s appearance and functionality—from perplexing to excelling quickly.

Step 3: Choose a Theme

To further bewilder you, a theme determines your site’s design template—the prominent appearance of your website. WordPress provides thousands of free and premium themes ideal for creating professional-looking sites. To initiate a video website like YouTube, you need a theme specializing in video content optimization.

A suitable video theme should have inbuilt video playlists, video support, and video galleries amongst other features. Themes such as SocialTube, Vodi and VideoPro can serve as an excellent starting point.

Step 4: Install Required Plugins

Plugins are software applications used to enrich WordPress functionality. WordPress offers an array of plugins that can help you build your video website. To set up your video website, you must incorporate essential plugins such as Yoast SEO, Jetpack, WPForms, WP Video Memberships, and YouTube, among others. These plugins serve various functions such as site security, search engine optimization and form building, among others. Installing these plugins is time-wasting, but it’s worth it.

Step 5: Create Video Content

A video website thrives on valuable video content. To create great video content, you need to invest in high-quality recording equipment, lighting and audio equipment. You can create a host of video content ranging from tutorials, reviews, interviews, webinars, to vlogs.

It is essential to ensure your video content is captivating, relevant to your audience and of high quality. Adding effects, titles and transitions is a great way to enhance the video quality. Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie and Final Cut Pro are great video editing software to consider when editing videos!

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Step 6: Upload Video Content to Your WordPress Website

Once you have created the video content, the next perplexing step is uploading it to WordPress. You can use the default WordPress media manager or a video management plugin such as WP Video Gallery or YouTube Upload Widget to upload your video content to your WordPress site. The process is simple, and all you have to do is add the title, metadata and description before publishing the video on your website.

Step 7: Promote Your Video Content

Promoting your video content after publishing it, is the final perplexing step in this long process. You can use various promotion tactics such as social media, influencer marketing or even paid advertising if you have the budget. Email marketing is also another great method to reach out to your subscribers and create more content engagement.


All in all, creating a video website similar to YouTube that stands out from the crowd, can be a complex and tiring process. However, with WordPress, it is achievable! Investing your time and effort into researching hosting providers, selecting themes, plugins, creating great video content, uploading and promoting the content can help you build an incredible video website comparable to YouTube.

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