“Unlock the Secret Trick to Boost Engagement: Learn How to Easily Add a Call to Action Button to Your WordPress Site Now!”

Are you Confused About Adding a Call to Action Button on Your WordPress Website?

Look no further! A call to action (CTA) button is a powerful tool that can help increase conversions and achieve your website goals. But what exactly is a call to action button?

What is a Call to Action (CTA) Button?

A call to action (CTA) could be a button, link, or image that prompts website visitors to take action on your website. This action can range from signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, downloading a file, or filling out a form. A CTA button should be visually attractive, easy to find, and should have a clear and concise message that tells users what to do.

Step by Step Guide to Add Call to Action Button in WordPress

If you’re using WordPress, adding a CTA button is super easy. Follow these five steps:

Step 1: Install and Activate a CTA Plugin

You can choose from various CTA plugins in the WordPress directory or on the internet. Examples include OptinMonster, WPForms, and Thrive Leads. For this guide, we’ll be using the WPForms plugin. Install and activate the WPForms plugin to proceed.

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Step 2: Create a New Form in WPForms

On the WPForms form builder page, you can choose from a variety of templates available or start with a blank form. Give your form a name and select a template or a blank form. If you are creating a CTA button for your newsletter sign-up, select the Newsletter Sign Up template.

Step 3: Design your Call to Action Button

In the form builder, you can add text, images, change colors and fonts, and customize the button size and shape. To customize the design of the CTA button, you need to go to the Form Editor tab where you will see several design options to customize your CTA button. Change the color of your button and text, add an image, and customize the button’s size.

Step 4: Configure your Form Settings

The next step is to configure your form settings on the Settings tab. Customize the success message, error message, and redirect URL. In the confirmation type menu, select the “Redirect” option, and enter the URL of the page where you want your visitors to go after clicking on the CTA button.

Step 5: Add your CTA Button to your WordPress Page

After designing your CTA button and configuring your form settings, the next step is to add your CTA button to your WordPress page or post. You can do this by copying the shortcode or using the WPForms widget. Copy the shortcode and paste it into the page or post where you want to add the CTA button. You can also use the WPForms widget to drag and drop the form to your desired widget area.

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Final Words

Adding a CTA button in WordPress is super easy with the WPForms plugin. Make sure you place your CTA button in the right location and have a clear and concise message that tells your visitors what to do. With these steps, you can easily add a CTA button to your WordPress site and start improving your conversions.

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