“Unlock the Secret to Stunning Website Imagery: Easy Steps to Get Your Page Featured Image on WordPress!”

Uncovering the Mysteries of the Featured Image in WordPress

What in the WordPress is a Featured Image?

Have you spilled hours on end designing and developing your website using WordPress? You may not know it yet, but the featured image on your page is a pivotal element to consider. When viewers land on your website, the featured image is the first feast for their eyes. It ultimately impacts how they interact and engage with your content. So, what is a featured image in WordPress? It is simply an image that represents your post or page known as a post thumbnail. This key image is used on various parts of your WordPress site, such as social media previews, search results, and the blog archive.

Unraveling the Riddle of Adding a Featured Image

Now that you know the essence of a featured image, let’s explore how to add one:

Step 1: Edit Your Post

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and open a new or existing post or page that requires a featured image.

Step 2: Locate the ‘Featured Image’ Box

Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you find the ‘Featured Image’ box on the right-hand side.

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Step 3: Click ‘Set Featured Image’

Upload or choose an existing image from your WordPress media library. Should you go for the former option, click ‘Upload Files’ and then ‘Select Files’ to choose the image you wish to use as the featured image.

Step 4: Choose Your Image

WordPress will display the image’s preview in the ‘Featured Image’ box once you are through. To amplify user engagement, you can edit the image by resizing or cropping it as well.

Step 5: Add Title, Caption, and Alt Text

Before selecting ‘Set Featured Image’, remember to add a relevant title, caption, and alt text for the image. Doing so supports SEO and makes your web page more accessible to those with disabilities.

Step 6: Publish or Update Your Post

Click ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ to save any changes or additions to the feature image. Remember to double-check that it is visible and of high quality.

Tips for choosing an outstanding Featured Image:

  • Ensure the image is highly appealing, visually striking and of the best quality.

  • Choose an image highly relevant to your post or page to support your content.

  • Use royalty-free images or those you have permission to use.

  • Avoid cliché, generic stock photos.

  • If necessary, add text or graphic elements to make the featured image more captivating.


Et Voila! You now have the power to increase user engagement and win over readers with your website’s featured image. Whether you’re an experienced WordPress user or a freshly posed novice, adding a featured image has never been easier. Remember to choose a high-quality image that is relevant to your post or page and attractive to your audience in order to boost their engagement. Happy Blogging!

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