“Unlock the Secret to Removing Annoying Copyright Footers in Your WordPress Theme for a Clean and Professional Website Appearance”

Introduction: Removing Copyright Footer from WordPress Theme

If you have a website and are looking to tweak its design, then you may come across a copyright footer. But what is it? Well, it’s a message located at the bottom of the page that indicates the original developer of the theme. While it may seem trivial, it can affect the look of your website. In this article, we’ll go over the ways to remove the copyright footer from your WordPress theme.

1. Know the Copyright Message

Before you remove the copyright message, you should be aware of its location. You can find it in your website’s footer, or by accessing “Appearance” in WordPress, then going to “Editor,” followed by “footer.php.” But before you delete it, check the developer’s license or agreement to make sure it’s allowed.

2. Remove Copyright Footer from WordPress Theme by Editing HTML/CSS Files

The most common way to remove the copyright footer is by modifying the code itself. Here are the steps:

1. Log in to your website and head to the WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Editor.

2. Look for the footer.php file, and then find the Appearance > Theme Editor.

2. Choose the theme and type in the child theme name in the file field.

3. Save the details to generate a CSS stylesheet you can edit.

4. Go to Appearance > Editor, and find the footer.php file.

5. Copy it to your child theme directory by accessing Appearance > Theme Folder.

6. Remove the copyright message from the code, without invalidating the warranty or support from the developer.

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7. Click “Update File” to save the changes.

5. Hire a Professional Web Developer

If you’re not confident about editing the code, consider hiring a professional web developer with experience in WordPress and website creation.


While removing the copyright footer from WordPress themes is possible, it’s important to remember that there are legal boundaries you need to act within. Adhering to the developer’s terms and conditions outlined in the license agreement is crucial. Remember to use one of the many approaches discussed here, from editing the theme code, using widgets, to creating child themes. Alternatively, hire a web developer to do it for you.

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