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Perplexity and Burstiness in Posting WordPress Blog to Facebook

Link WordPress and Facebook

Are you perplexed about how to post your WordPress blog to Facebook? Fret not! One easy way to connect both the platforms is by using a plugin like Jetpack. To do this, install and activate Jetpack on your WordPress site. Connect your site to WordPress.com from the Jetpack dashboard. Further, scroll down to the “Sharing” section, and click “Connect” beside Facebook. You need to authorize Jetpack to access your account after logging into Facebook.

Create a Facebook App

Would you like to customize how your WordPress posts appear on Facebook? Then, you need to create a Facebook app. This step is slightly advanced, but it’s fruitful for branding and customizing your posts’ appearance. You can find multiple tutorials online for this. Once you’ve created the app, generate an access token to connect your WordPress site to Facebook.

Set up Auto-Posting

Are you swamped with work? Do you wish to save time and share your blog posts automatically with your Facebook followers? Set up auto-posting! You can customize your posts’ appearance using Jetpack’s built-in auto-posting feature. Click “Settings” under the “Sharing” section of your Jetpack dashboard. Go down to the “Publicize” section and click “Configure your connection settings” beside Facebook. Then, customize the title, excerpt, images, and more. Finally, click “Save” to enable auto-posting.

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Manually Post to Facebook

Do you prefer posting manually, ever so often? Don’t worry, you can do it! Go to your WordPress dashboard and choose the blog post you want to share. Scroll down to the “Publicize” section and select “Edit” next to the Facebook option. Manage the appearance of your post on Facebook- choose the title, add a description, and more. Finally, click “Publish” to share your post.

Engage with Your Audience

Post your WordPress blog on Facebook to showcase your content and engage with a wider audience. Encourage your followers to comment and start a conversation by responding to their feedback. Building a community around your blog is the key to increasing your blog’s following.

In conclusion, mingling WordPress and Facebook is an effective way to increase your blog’s engagement and visibility. By using a plugin, you can connect both platforms, customize your posts’ appearance, share them automatically or manually, and engage with your audience.

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