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Unraveling the Mysteries of Obtaining Free WordPress Plugins

In case you haven’t heard, WordPress is the indisputable leader when it comes to content management systems for building websites. With a staggering 39% of all global websites running on WordPress, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. One of the factors that contribute to its success is the plethora of plugins available for free download. These plugins enable users to beautify and customize their websites without having to be proficient in coding. Nonetheless, it can be a perplexing task for novices to find free plugins that suit their specific needs. In this article, we’re going to explore different methods to collect free WordPress plugins.

Ease and Security through the WordPress Plugin Repository

The most trustworthy and secure way to obtain free WordPress plugins is to use the official WordPress Plugin Repository. It hosts over 50,000 plugins that can be arranged by rating, popularity, or category. It’s the most credible and dependable means of acquiring free WordPress plugins. To access the repository, navigate to the WordPress dashboard and select plugins from the dropdown menu. Then, click “Add New.” A search bar will appear, where you can input the name of your desired plugin or a matching keyword.

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GitHub – A Developer’s Paradise

If you are seeking to expand your options beyond the official repository, GitHub is the place to be. As a platform for developers to host and review code, manage projects, and build software, it’s a goldmine for free WordPress plugins. Many developers offer their plugins at no cost on GitHub. You can locate WordPress plugins on GitHub using the site’s search bar. However, proceed with caution when acquiring plugins from GitHub since they may not be optimized for performance and security.

Perusing the WordPress.org Support Forum

The WordPress.org support forum is an incredible source of assistance and information for WordPress users. It has a designated section for plugins where users share their recommended ones and discuss plugin-related issues. You can skim through the forum to find suggestions for free plugins or seek advice on finding a plugin that meets your criteria.

Trick The System With Deals and Coupons

Several vendors of WordPress plugins provide deals and coupons on their websites. These discounts can help you obtain premium plugins for free or at discounted rates. You can also check out websites specializing in aggregating WordPress deals, like AppSumo, Mighty Deals, and WPExplorer.

Broaden Your Horizons and Search Google

Google is an excellent tool for identifying free WordPress plugins using specific search terms. For instance, if you require free sliders for your WordPress site, you can type “free WordPress sliders” into the search bar. You’ll see a handful of websites offering free plugins. However, be cautious when obtaining plugins from unfamiliar sources, as they may contain malware that can harm your website.

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Join WordPress Groups on Facebook

Facebook has several WordPress groups where members share their knowledge and help each other out. You can join these groups and ask for advice on acquiring free WordPress plugins. These groups are also a great resource for finding solutions to WordPress-related issues.

Stay In The Loop by Following WordPress Influencers on Social Media

There are many influencers in the WordPress community who share their proficiency and offer free plugins. It’s worthwhile to follow these influencers on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. A few exemplar WordPress influencers include Syed Balkhi, Chris Lema, and Pippin Williamson.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, discovering free WordPress plugins can be an overwhelming task. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to find them without breaking the bank. The WordPress Plugin Repository is the most secure and reliable source of free plugins, but you can also search on GitHub, browse the WordPress.org support forum, look for deals and coupons, search Google, join WordPress groups on Facebook, and follow WordPress influencers on social media. Always exercise caution when acquiring plugins from undisclosed sources and don’t forget to back up your website before installing any new plugins.

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