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Are You Familiar with Thumbnails in WordPress?

If you’re seeking ways to add more visual representation to your website, thumbnails might be just the tool you need. They offer a smaller image that entices users to click and view the full-sized version. Their use is especially crucial for bloggers and content creators of all sorts. Luckily, WordPress has many options and tools to help optimize and implement this aspect of web design. Read on to learn more!

What exactly are Thumbnails?

Basically, thumbnails are just smaller versions of larger images that are used to represent the larger image. They are commonly used in blogs or slideshows as a preview or teaser that prompts viewers to click through to the complete image. With WordPress, the feature is typically generated automatically when you upload an image to the media library, but it can also be created manually.

How to Add a Thumbnail in WordPress

Adding thumbnails to your site with WordPress is easy with these popular methods:

Method 1: Adding Thumbnails to Posts and Pages

The set-feature image function is one of the easiest ways to add thumbnails to your WordPress site. By selecting a featured image for each post or page, it will be used as the thumbnail image. Navigate to your desired page or post and click the “Set Featured Image” button on the right side of your screen. This will open your media library, where you can select an image or upload a new one. After this, click the “Set Featured Image” button to see your image as a thumbnail!

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Method 2: Adding Thumbnails Using Plugins

There are copious plugins available in WordPress to help you add thumbnails to your website. Here are three of the most popular.

  1. Easy Thumbnails – This plugin generates thumbnails automatically for the images you’ve uploaded to your library.

  2. WP Featured Content and Slider – This plugin creates a slider or grid of featured images for your posts or pages.

  3. Automatic Featured Images from Title – This plugin automatically generates a featured image for each post or page based on the title.

Method 3: Adding Thumbnails Using Theme Options

Certain WordPress themes have built-in options allowing you to assign a featured image to each and every post or page. To find these options, go to your dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Theme Options. From there, you can locate the Featured Images section and create a featured image for each post or page.

Tips for Optimizing Thumbnail Images in WordPress

  1. Use high-quality images – High-quality thumbnail images are key to the overall appearance and quality of your site. Ensure your images are clear and in focus.

  2. Keep your image sizes consistent – Creating thumbnails that are consistent in size offers a neat, professional-looking website.

  3. Use alt text – Including alt text in your images can help with website accessibility and improve search-engine optimization.

  4. Compress your images – Reducing image sizes helps speed up your website’s load times and ease of access.


Adding thumbnails to your WordPress site can help create a professional, polished appearance. Whether you’re a blogger or a content creator, using thumbnails can make your site more visually appealing and encourage viewers to read more of your content. Follow these easy-to-use methods to incorporate thumbnails into your WordPress site efficiently!

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