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Perplexity and Burstiness of WordPress Theme Copyright

WordPress themes are the lifeblood of any WordPress website or blog. Installing and activating them is simple, but running into copyright issues can be just as easy, especially if you’ve made changes or alterations to the original themes.

The Struggle with Copyright

Whether you’re using a premium or free theme, respecting the original creator and following the terms of use is critical. After purchasing or downloading a theme, using and modifying it appropriately and within the legal bounds is crucial.

What is Copyright Law?

Before diving into removing copyrighted materials from WordPress themes, understanding copyright law is critical. Copyright is a legal right given to creative work owners such as book authors, musicians, and software developers. The copyright owner is allowed to use, distribute, and modify their work while preventing others from doing so without permission.

How to Remove Copyrighted Material?

If you’ve purchased a WordPress theme, the creator will likely provide you with a license agreement and terms and conditions that must be followed. These conditions usually prevent reselling, commercial gain, and redistributing the theme. Once you’ve paid for the theme, you have the right to use its contents, including its stylesheets, images, and templates. However, when removing copyrighted materials, ensure it’s done respectfully and in compliance with the terms of use.

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Ways to Remove Copyrighted Material from a WordPress Theme

1. Replace Image and Audio Files

In many cases, copyrighted materials may be images or audio files. It’s safe to avoid legal repercussions by replacing these files with original ones. But note that your images or audio files should not be copyrighted too.

2. Change Fonts and Styles

WordPress themes with copyrighted fonts or styles can still be replaced. However, the website’s design should remain mostly the same to ensure consistency. A custom CSS approach can help you change your preferred elements without copyright issues.

3. Remove Copyright Notices

Most WordPress theme developers include a copyright notice in their code. You can remove this notice if it’s not stated in the terms of use that come with the theme. To remove a copyright notice from a theme, locate the code in the Style.css or footer.php file and delete it.

4. Custom Coding

One of the most effective ways to remove copyrighted material from a WordPress theme is custom coding. It’s a more technical solution that requires significant technical experience. Custom coding can quickly replace copyrighted material with unique and original code, allowing you to ensure compliance with copyright laws. However, custom coding isn’t often included in purchasing a WordPress theme and requires a whole new development project.


If you’re using a WordPress theme that contains copyrighted material or you’ve been asked to remove copyrighted material from your WordPress theme, various solutions can help you while still adhering to the theme’s terms of use. Removing copyrighted material can be done by replacing files, changing styles and fonts, custom coding or removing copyright notices. Once you follow the terms of use and respect the creator’s rights, removing copyrighted materials from your WordPress theme is a simple process.

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