“Unlock the Secret to Creating a Sleeker Look on Your WordPress Site: Say Goodbye to Awkward Gaps Between Blocks!”

Discover the Magic of WordPress

WordPress is an awesomely powerful platform that lets you share your stories and ideas with the world. Its vast range of features helps you create brilliant web pages. The Gutenberg editor is the default editor in WordPress and allows a block-based approach to web design. However, some users face issues when trying to reduce the space between blocks in WordPress.

Unleashing the Power of Gutenberg Editor

The Gutenberg editor has revolutionized content creation in WordPress since its introduction in version 5.0. Each block is a separate content unit that offers its set of capabilities, and it’s flexible enough to let you add multimedia elements to your site.

Reduce the Space Between Blocks in WordPress

Padding is the space between blocks that stops them from overlapping while ensuring white space is maintained. Here are some tips that can help you reduce space between blocks in WordPress:

Method 1: Use Additional CSS Feature

This feature lets you add custom CSS code to your web pages. By using this method, you can change different default settings on your WordPress site, including customizing your web pages’ appearance. Add the following CSS code to the additional CSS feature to remove padding from all the blocks on your web page:

.wp-block {
  padding: 0px !important;

Method 2: Use Spacer Block

Add a spacer block between the blocks where you want to reduce the space. After that, adjust the height of the spacer block to match the space between the blocks.

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Method 3: Use Block Margins and Padding Options

The Gutenberg editor offers several options to adjust the margins and padding of each block. To use these options, click on the block you want to modify, click on the block settings icon, scroll down to the block margin and padding settings, and adjust the margin and padding accordingly.

Method 4: Use a Custom WordPress Theme

If you’re using a custom WordPress theme, check if it lets you adjust the padding and margins. If it’s available, you can adjust the padding and margin to reduce the space between the blocks.


By using the tips and tricks discussed above, you’ll be able to reduce the space between blocks in WordPress and give your web pages a clean and polished look. Whether you prefer to use the Additional CSS feature, Spacer Block, Block Margins and Padding Options, or a Custom WordPress Theme, you can customize your web pages’ spacing to suit your needs.

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