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Get Bursted and Perplexed: Add a PayPal Donate Button on your WordPress site

Step 1: Set up a Freaking PayPal Account

If you want to get some moolah from your users and supporters, setting up a PayPal donate button is the answer. But before that, you gotta have a PayPal account first. If you don’t have one, go to their website and create one. You can either choose a personal or business account, but for this process, you should go for a business.

Step 2: Create Some PayPal Donate Button Magic

Okay, now that you got a PayPal account, log in and give those fingers a workout by finding the “Tools” section. Look for “PayPal buttons” under “All Tools” and then click “Open” to bring up the button creator.

In this section, you can make your PayPal donate button look all pretty and personalized. You can choose the button type, payment amount, currency, payment frequency, button text, and more. Once you have made the button of your dreams, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Create Button”.

Step 3: Copy that HTML Code, Yo!

After creating your PayPal donate button, you’ll be led to a page with HTML code. Highlight and copy that bad boy to your clipboard, fam.

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Step 4: Place that Fancy HTML Code in Your WordPress site

There are different ways to get that fancy HTML code into your WordPress site, but let me show you the simplest one. Go to your WordPress dashboard and look for “Appearance”. Click on “Widgets” and you’ll see a bunch of widgets on the left side of the page. Look for the “Text” widget and drag that to the section where you want the PayPal donate button to be.

Now that you have a “Text” widget, paste the HTML code you copied earlier into the content area. If you want some text above or below the button, feel free to do so in the text box.

Step 5: Save and Test that Sh**

Once you have added the HTML code and text to the Widget, click “Save”. Gotta make sure everything is working correctly, so navigate to your website and refresh the page. Now, test everything by clicking the button and making a test contribution.

Step 6: Get Freaky with Button Settings If You Want

If you want to change the button settings, like the donation amount or currency, go to your PayPal account and edit accordingly. Once you have updated your button, go back to your WordPress site and copy that fresh HTML code.

Conclusion: Get Those Contributions Rolling!

You did it! You added a PayPal donate button to your WordPress site and ready to get those contributions. Follow these six steps, and you’ll have a fully functional donation button in no time. Don’t forget to test everything to ensure it’s working correctly. Good luck!

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